I Am Sorry, girl.

December 17th, I woke up to a news of a girl being raped and dumped on Delhi streets along with his male friend who was beaten up as well. We as a country are so “used to” incidents related to sexual offence that any other news on such incidents..ummm..is just another news? right
After this incident and as and when details started pouring in, I came to realize that it was just not a rape,but it was something which cant be done by humans. I have read a lot about beasts and daemons, but trust me after this incident I believe that they are not just folk fores they live among us, or for that matter in our brain.


People seem to be up from their slumber, coming out and protest, just because this incident got media attention, can you imagine plight of those women, girls, minor who are raped daily without their plight getting noticed?

I am more concerned about the underlying behavioral change an Indian male is going through. We agree or not, but for majority of Indian males women are an object of sexual fantasy. no matter that male is educated or not. Every one seems to aspire for that one moment towards their object of desire. I might sound strange, but this is a fact.

As of now people will protest, pour their condolences on social media, have a coffee table discussion, till the time it fizzles out of their attention span and news channel starts bombarding us with some different issue.

See the point is that we need to introspect that is this feeling of anguish for this incident is really coming from bottom of our heart or is it because of media’s attention that we are following up? If you say the later as your option then I would say that go and enjoy your new year party, because on 1st of January when you will wake, by then you would have moved on to new year messages and tweets.

But yes, if you feel anguished not about just this incident but for every that incident which becomes a small headline about some or other sexual offence then we are on same page.

Question is, that are we heading in right direction as a human being? I have one sister too and I want her to enjoy her life to fullest without any limitations and boundaries defined for her, but every time such incidents happen, I am shaken within, and I ensure that I am teaching my little sister that how to be secure in public, what to do and what to avoid, just because she is living among beasts.

Though it’s a cliche now, but still is very relevant, we worship female gods, but an average Indian male given an opportunity will not hesitate in hurting modesty of a female, and that can be anything, even a simple case of eve teasing.

It’s high time, not to mourn but to get up and ensure that we as an individual have our thoughts sorted out, inculcate right values, be aware, and alert, because change in India is a long process, when it took almost 100 years to gain independence, then I can only hope that great grand children of this generation might see a better place to live in. Till then we can be part of an evolution which will eventually bring either of these two things. i.e. either we will succumb as a nation into moral bankruptcy, or we will cross over to a better and stable future where women will be seen as human being and not just object of sexual desire.

On this note, I want to say that I am terribly shameful of being an Indian at times and want to say that to the innocent girl who died, that where ever you are, I am sorry for you, because you didn’t deserve this just because you were a girl. I know I will say RIP, but I also know that getting this kind of end, no soul can rest in peace.I am sorry again. Hope your battered soul finds some moment of solace.

Electronic Podcast Episode 5

Ok people, so this is my first time when I am going to post my non-stop mash ups on my blog, Basically I like electronic dance music (a.k.a EDM) with tracks being belted out by professional DJ’s and producers across the globe.

Online streaming linkhttp://goo.gl/3nAaG

Rapidshare download linkhttp://goo.gl/IQPcw


For me music is THE stress buster, specially when it comes to trance, and some fast paced zippy numbers, so I have been creating non-stop mash ups since last one year or so, just to satisfy that creative urge within me.

This time around it’s a 2:30 Hrs marathon mix, with different genres of music from across the globe stitched seamlessly together. So what are you waiting for? just check it out and feed me back with your views 🙂



PS: This podcast is ideal for people going out for long drive, or a long run 😉 also I am not a pro DJ or

something, it’s just my hobby so please be lenient if you don’t find something good in this podcast 😉

Enjoy \m/

Stay Blessed. 🙂


Some one said that life is a festival celebrate it, while I write Barfi’s review, this quote is what echoing within me. Yes after watching movie like Ek Tha Tiger which apparently shook my faith in Bollywood movies. I almost took a decision not to watch any Bollywood flick until a movie is something like Gangs of wasseypur types. But then your brain can only decide it’s the heart which takes the final shot, and I just came back from a mesmerizing cinematic experience known as BARFI!


This movie is about a guy named “Barfi” [Ranbeer Kapoor] who is deaf and mute but still he is more expressive than normal human beings living in Darjeeling. Essentially Barfi is all about his bonding with other two main characters of movie Shruti [Ileana D’Cruz] and Jhilmil [Priyanka Chopra] which essentially drives the movie.

People might try to slot this movie in some genre, but I feel this movie can’t fit in one single genre, but yes I do believe that romance is something which can be felt in majority of the frames in this movie. Beauty of Barfi lies in the fact is that it’s not a movie which preaches about helping physically challenged people.

Barfi falls in love with gorgeous Shruti (who is already engaged), although Barfi can’t listen or speak, but still Shruti likes his company. Although Barfi is no match to Shruti who is from an affluent family where as Barfi’s father works as a driver. Shruti inspite of being in love with Barfi gets married to a different guy and moves on to Calcutta. Story moves on and brings together Barfi and Jhilmil who is suffering from Autism. Overall movie revolves around various incident happening around these three characters and how they keep  converging in each others path.


No-where this movie tries to invoke sympathy from audience toward the character of Barfi and Jhilmil, from the word go they will grab you and will take you in their beautiful world. Performance wise I must say Ranbeer Kapoor has out-done himself. When Rock star came I felt it to be his career best performance which wont be repeated again, but as Barfi he has proved again that he is ready now to take on the reigning khans etc. Can you believe that he has not spoken a single dialogue or did some heroic stunt or typical latka and jhataks, yet he delivers like a heavy-duty performer. Watch out for a sequence where Barfi goes to meet Shruti’s dad, people actually clapped for this sequence. It’s will surely bring  tears in your eyes.

Priyanka and Ileana have played their part with full conviction and brilliance. You will fall in love with both of these characters. Ileana as Shruti will spell-bound you with her beauty and dignity, whereas Priyanka as Jhilmil will surely win your heart.

Many sequence will surely moisten up your eyes. Music plays a crucial role in the whole narrative with some soulful track you just feel like as if you are watching some one drawing a beautiful picture! Specially this track “Phir le aya dil” will stir your deep hidden feelings of lost love.

Barfi is all about faith in love, if you love some one then tell them, stand by them and hold them, if they go then release them, its all about acceptance of your own emotions which we tend to ignore just because of some situation.

Through out this movie I had a strange smile on my face, at times my eyes were moist too, overall I left movie hall with a strange happiness in my heart, what else you want..if you can be happy!

Go and watch Barfi, specially if you have ever been in love, this movie ultimately emphasizes the fact that indeed…..Life IS beautiful.. 🙂

Ek Tha Tiger- Movie Review

Convincing my friends for any Salman movie is just like a guy convincing his parents to accept his love marriage-They never agree! (I am talking about 80% cases;) ).


Never mind, I still decided to give Salman a chance this time specially after watching Ready last year I had decided not to watch any of his movie again (I didn’t see Bodyguard). This time around with tag of Yash Raj films and an intelligent director like Kabir Khan (New york and Kabul Express fame) I decided to break my oath!

Movie starts with non-typical shadow-ish entry of Salman Khan with Vantage Point types entry, and crowd going gaga about it. Focus shifts to another RAW agent gone hostile and collaborating  with ISI, he runs, runs……yes..runs..oh yes then suddenly his face receives a kick in ultra s..l..o..w..m..o..t..i..o..n and you realize that on 70mm screen there are only two things, that is agent’s face, and…oh wait..it’s a boot, yes it’s Salman’s boot in ultra slow motion which I can bet if it had been shot in India there must have been traces of cow dung visible on his boot sole.

With cigarette and ashes flying, Salman’s face is now shown to the already starved audience and they burst in another round of applause as if Manmohan Singh bashing some ISI agent. In a typical Salman style , first dialogue of movie is heard : ‘Kutton ki tarah haanf raha hai. Kitni cigarette peeta hai?’ really? was expecting some heavy-duty Sallu dialogue.

Cut to next scene and suddenly focus shifts to a colony like Lajpat nagar or some government colony where apna RAW agent lives alone, and neighborhood aunties keep guessing who exactly he is and what he does? Salman, did you get your hint from director, with your age, soon aunties will be forming major part of your fan club, so beware!

Anyways with a bruised face Tiger (oh yes I forgot, this movie is about TIGER! sorry.) reaches his HQ to report his haggard looking boss who looks more like his uncle giving him some polite advice, come on it’s a RAW HQ, show some sharp people.

Tiger moves on to next assignment to track a scientist who has built anti-missile technology for India, but RAW suspects he might be compromising with that information with enemy country (Read Pakistan).

A scientist of that caliber has been shown as if some school head-master riding  bicycle around. Salman bumps into caretaker of  scientist’s home, and here enters our leading lady-JOOYA oops sorry Zoya, firstly I don’t understand, how a scientist of such an importance can allow some one so easily to become care taker of his home. Is that so easy? (Next time I will surely try for some ISRO guy’s home)

As usual, initially Tiger tries to woo this chick so that he can gain some proximity to scientist uncle (who however is not seen after one or two sceneS), but somehow Katrina aka Zoya aka zee is so beautiful that Tiger becomes a dog wagging his tail behind her in no time!

All this time his accomplice in Ireland, another RAW agent named GOPI (are you kidding me? is it a Ram leela or a movie? can’t director think of some better name for these characters? NOM! for people named Gopi) keeps reminding Tiger about his duty. Suddenly it turns out that Katrina is the one who is trying to steal information from our desi Eisenstein and aims to pass it on to ISI. Man this has to be the most dumbest plot, with 3-4 main character any one can guess that Katrina has to be the one Tiger is looking for.

Anyways Tiger (Or say Tommy) discovers this and confronts our girl, some typical Yashraj lovey-dovey dialogue follows, I was just afraid and hoping that our leading couple just doesn’t starts making out and doing some hancky-panky moments, but thank god sense prevailed and only some crap lines were exchanged, and  Tiger shoots….yes you heard it right Tiger shoots, and interval happens, by now Tiger also realized that it’s high time to give some bladder break to already ailing audience.

Heart broken tiger returns back to Delhi and audience CON-fused that he killed his lady love, come on! even a 3rd grade student will be able to tell that tiger shot at the computer screen behind his lady and not the lady, and director thought that he has pulled off a great thriller!! Sorry buddy try something new, in-fact I would have loved if you would have allowed tiger to kill Zoya, but I forgot there are some songs  as well if you gonna kill her, than who will dance in those songs? Obviously not Tiger and Gopi.

Again Tiger realizes that Zoya is coming to some international delegate meet and rushes with his boss to confront her, where they face each other fall in love again, and decide to run away from every one. For me movie got over that very moment! I was expecting some edge of seat thriller and now for coming part I was going to watch two fugitives running and being chased just because they are in love (after all it’s a YASH-raj movie) that’s it.

Anyways Tiger’s unkil sorry his boss gives his henchmen order to bring tiger in cage, ditto for the Pakistani counterpart (some malnourished  ISI agents) who orders Zoya to be brought back, and then some catch-me-if-you-can sequences starts.

Worst was the climax, Zoya gets into a 2-seater plane as a pilot and asks our Tiger to hop on, but no our tiger is the MACHO man, he is THE-man how can he run away from some agents?  he decides to stay back blow off some oil tanker and then follows the plane running on strip, suddenly he gets shot by apna Gopi, oh man! all hopes crashed and people by now must be thinking that Zoya has to fly off alone?? sorry are you nuts, how can she? suddenly some divine power strikes our Tiger, he acclerates his bike to a speed where he jumps it off from a ramp (sorry from where this ramp came in between of the air strip?? Mr. Director you there?) and grabs the plane which already took off, phew!! and I paid 200 bucks to watch this shit?

Highly depressed, and hopeless I leave the multiplex with an oath-not to watch Salman’s movie again. I really liked his movie Dabang, it was an entertainer, Wanted was good as well, but then after that he has been churning out some realy retarded movies and this was a bit stylishly retarded that’s the only difference between Ek Tha Tiger and his prvious movies!

Dear Salman you just lost one of your admirers. It’s time for you to settles down, do some hanky-panky produce some kids and watch them growing! Enough is enough.


Day before yesterday I saw this news of Guwahati debacle, where some 20 odd people (sorry they are not actually humans) outraged modesty of a girl shamelessly on streets.

The whole incident sent a chill down my spine, and forced me to think that where we as a human being are heading for? Or for that matter are Indian men so much sexually starved that this need is now converted in the only need they have in their life?

Psyche of such people who get involved in such acts is something which one should observe. I just wonder that why we have established a female as an object of lust? or for that matter why is it so difficult to respect a fairer sex?

Our value system, moral and ethics do teaches us since our child hood that one should respect elders, one should respect his mother, but no where it teaches that when you grow up, you need to respect other females as well. No one teaches a kid that once he grows up he needs to understand that morality is just not about giving respect to his mother and sister, it stretches beyond that.

Some how I believe that majority of Indian males are somehow loosing this race to basic sense of morality.

Rape, molestation, sexual assault, if these words are so dominant in your daily dose of news then it’s pretty easy to interpret that where we are heading for north or south?

At times I wonder, we have heard a lot about this issue, but do we really have a solution? If yes then what? Biggest issue I feel is that these incident are thrown in your face on day one and eventually it fades out of public memory getting replaced by some other incident. Morality and ethics is something which can be taught only with iron will, when one is clear that who all are the accused, then authorities should simply crack whip on such people like anything, go for them, punish them so hard that next time people like them think twice before they commit such things against a female

Somewhere down the line few examples need to be set if we really want to get things done. But equally important is to change the core of our thought process related to a female. Female is not equivalent to words like sex or lust, there is much more beyond that, they are your friends, your well wishers, even if not that, they are some one else s daughter and sister.

Some how being a guy I feel ashamed every time such things happens with a girl, I wish India or for that matter whole world becomes a safer place for the fairer sex. Amen!

You know you are from ICSE when

You know you are from ICSE when:

1) you come to the US for college, and kids here think you were born in the States coz u speak just like them

2) randomly using words/phrases such as ‘sooth’, ‘thou art’, ‘wherewithal’ etc is completely normal in 9th and 10th (coz of all the Shakespeare)

3) you go to junior college (at least in Bombay) and automatically become best buddies with another ICSE kid, even if he’s from the school you hated all your life until then..

4) you are the only one who understands the concept of ‘reading time’ in an exam

5) you memorized 36 chapters for your hindi paper, but to this day have trouble with constructing a paragraph in formal hindi

6) you went for tuition for every conceivable subject on the planet, english, hindi, comps, science, history, geography, maths.. and maybe even SUPW

7) you actually understood what SUPW was.. and when you read the above post.. you thought, ‘ohhh that’s right, we had that shit too’

8) you went to CBSE/State board after ICSE, looked at their english textbook and thought to yourself.. ‘man, 2nd graders at my school could’ve aced this rubbish’

9) even the peons and the cleaning ladies at school spoke better English than most of your Junior College/College profs

10) most of your batch had cellphones by the time they were in 9th grade, and they all lived 15 minutes away from school

11) your Annual Day/ Sports Day Parades were more coordinated than many other great Parades!

12) your Hindi teacher often had to resort to English to explain stuff to some of your classmates

13) there had to be at least one celebrity kid in your batch (there just has to be!.. especially in Bombay)

14) your school participated only in inter-ICSE sports fest (they pretended they didn’t want to associate with all the hoi polloi.. but the real reason was that they would get creamed by the State Board kids)

15) a score rise of 30% from your prelims to the Boards was considered perfectly normal.

16) you actually prayed to Xavier Pinto and Francis Fanthome before the boards (dunno who the head honchos are now, in my day I prayed to them)

17) your prom/social looked like a Bollywood awards party

18) some of the chicks in your school were hotter than the current Miss India (note: tribute to ICSE chicks.. I’ve seen a lot of women all over the country and have never met a really hot girl who wasn’t an ICSE product.. ICSE women ROCK!)

19) your school grilled you so hard that the Boards were the exam that you studied most for in life… and will always stay that way

20) in college most of the other kids drinking, smoking or doing weed are ICSE kids or they’re from Delhi (no offence Delhiites.. hehe)

21) you look at what’s being taught in your college intro chem course and you go.. ‘wait a minute, didn’t I do all this in the 8th grade?’

22) you got a 90 plus in the boards and thought you were ready to rule the world.. but then 2 years later you realised that it wasn’t enough to clear the IIT-JEE

23) you had your first girlfriend/boyfriend much before 9th grade

24) in junior college/college, you were considered a snob, and you loved it!

25) at least one of your friends was driving his own car by the time you were in the 10th grade

26) When your SSC Frnd (that is, if you have one!) doesn’t understand whatever is written above (It’s English, remember?).

27) If you have preserved your copy of Juilius Caesar and Whispers of Immortality and frequently compare it with the crappy and offensive State board / CBSE english textbooks!

28) When you consider going for SUPW trips is as good as a casual outing!

29) When you scowl when a state board friend (that is, if your arrogance of ICSE allows you to keep one!) asks you to help him in English and you think, “God, thank God I was in ICSE”.

30) When scoring a 95% either means you actually slogged your ass off in the last month (February) or you are an above average student who was lucky (Ahh..the power of scaling up in the ICSE)

31) You assume that state-board or CBSE schools are only where your maid’s kids go!


Please See: This is not my work..putting it simply because I loved it*******This is purely for entertainment reasons. There is no intention of insulting anyone from any caste, religion, creed, sex, group, Board, community etc. Hence, I would appreciate if it is taken lightly and does not attract any legal actions