Electroneum is Going to be a Game Changer! ICO in Progress

After evaluating the overall whitepaper for Electroneum, the basics seems to be in place with a well-defined road map. I have made a quick video on this, do check out and do not forget to subscribe to my channel!

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Coin goes live on exchange on 1st November,2017

A simple Explanation of Cryptocurrencies


Cryptocurrency is a better way. Cryptocurrencies are not controlled by an any organisation or individual.

We currently rely on banks to keep that ledger up to date. If the bank goes bust with our money on their ledger then we might well say goodbye to the money. Certainly the bank will charge you (or the receiving party) for digitally transferring your money. With a cryptocurrency everyone who uses the currency has a copy of the ledger. No one person or organisation is in control of the ledger. All the currency rules and regulations are clearly defined and the currency system itself is open source. This means that
everyone who is using the currency is controlling the currency, but there is nobody in charge. The cryptocurrency manages itself.

This sounds fantastically complicated – and it is, however just as you don’t need to understand how an iPhone works to gain great benefit from it, the same is true of cryptocurrencies, and they are getting more accessible with each forward step of the technology. Electroneum is one such step.

Why not use a bank?

Being able to transfer money to someone else without having to use a bank dramatically reduces the complexity and increases the speed of international transfers. This makes international trade easier and cheaper. With the amount of fraud that is reported online people are fearful of entering their financial information to make purchases, especially for small, low cost items. Cryptocurrencies can be anonymous, and protect the payor and payee. There are over a billion people in the world that do not have access to a bank, and yet they have access to the internet. There are over 2 billion people in the world without a bank account, and mobile devices and internet access is growing fast.

Why use a cryptocurrency?

  • Store value securely, privately and digitally.
  • Move that money around the world almost instantly with zero cost.
  • There are over 210 million people who use PayPal to make internet transactions 1 – even though they have a working bank card that they could use to make the payment directly. They chose PayPal for additional security and convenience. Cryptocurrencies offer a high level of security and anonymity without requiring a bank to be involved.

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How to buy Bitcoins in India?

In continuation to my post, Earn Money I realised that it is important to understand that how bitcoins can be purchased and invested in platforms that accept bitcoins and provide you interest over a period of time.

  • UNOCOIN: UNOCOIN is one of the leading Bitcoin exchange. You can download its mobile application. They need KYC documents in order to verify your account. Once you verify your account, you can either transfer money from your bank account, or you can use Payu Money to transfer the money and purchase the bitcoins. Hence, the process is simple, first, you need to have money in your UNOCOIN account, once the money is there, you can then use the buy Bitcoin feature and purchase the bitcoins.
  • Zebpay: Zebpay is another leading Bitcoin exchange in India. Again the same thing, you need to submit your KYC document before you start transferring the money and purchase the bitcoins. This is a mobile only application. Once mapped to your bank account, you can transfer the money (which generally takes 24 hours to reflect in your zebpay account).
  • Jaxx: This is the mobile wallet I use for storing the bitcoins I withdraw from Control-Finance website. it is safe and secure to use. From this wallet, you can transfer your bitcoins to Unocoin or Zebpay and then convert in rupees and withdraw it to your bank account.

Hence, the process is pretty simple. In case of any confusion let me know, I will be glad to help you 🙂

I Am Sorry, girl.

December 17th, I woke up to a news of a girl being raped and dumped on Delhi streets along with his male friend who was beaten up as well. We as a country are so “used to” incidents related to sexual offence that any other news on such incidents..ummm..is just another news? right
After this incident and as and when details started pouring in, I came to realize that it was just not a rape,but it was something which cant be done by humans. I have read a lot about beasts and daemons, but trust me after this incident I believe that they are not just folk fores they live among us, or for that matter in our brain.


People seem to be up from their slumber, coming out and protest, just because this incident got media attention, can you imagine plight of those women, girls, minor who are raped daily without their plight getting noticed?

I am more concerned about the underlying behavioral change an Indian male is going through. We agree or not, but for majority of Indian males women are an object of sexual fantasy. no matter that male is educated or not. Every one seems to aspire for that one moment towards their object of desire. I might sound strange, but this is a fact.

As of now people will protest, pour their condolences on social media, have a coffee table discussion, till the time it fizzles out of their attention span and news channel starts bombarding us with some different issue.

See the point is that we need to introspect that is this feeling of anguish for this incident is really coming from bottom of our heart or is it because of media’s attention that we are following up? If you say the later as your option then I would say that go and enjoy your new year party, because on 1st of January when you will wake, by then you would have moved on to new year messages and tweets.

But yes, if you feel anguished not about just this incident but for every that incident which becomes a small headline about some or other sexual offence then we are on same page.

Question is, that are we heading in right direction as a human being? I have one sister too and I want her to enjoy her life to fullest without any limitations and boundaries defined for her, but every time such incidents happen, I am shaken within, and I ensure that I am teaching my little sister that how to be secure in public, what to do and what to avoid, just because she is living among beasts.

Though it’s a cliche now, but still is very relevant, we worship female gods, but an average Indian male given an opportunity will not hesitate in hurting modesty of a female, and that can be anything, even a simple case of eve teasing.

It’s high time, not to mourn but to get up and ensure that we as an individual have our thoughts sorted out, inculcate right values, be aware, and alert, because change in India is a long process, when it took almost 100 years to gain independence, then I can only hope that great grand children of this generation might see a better place to live in. Till then we can be part of an evolution which will eventually bring either of these two things. i.e. either we will succumb as a nation into moral bankruptcy, or we will cross over to a better and stable future where women will be seen as human being and not just object of sexual desire.

On this note, I want to say that I am terribly shameful of being an Indian at times and want to say that to the innocent girl who died, that where ever you are, I am sorry for you, because you didn’t deserve this just because you were a girl. I know I will say RIP, but I also know that getting this kind of end, no soul can rest in peace.I am sorry again. Hope your battered soul finds some moment of solace.

Electronic Podcast Episode 5

Ok people, so this is my first time when I am going to post my non-stop mash ups on my blog, Basically I like electronic dance music (a.k.a EDM) with tracks being belted out by professional DJ’s and producers across the globe.

Online streaming linkhttp://goo.gl/3nAaG

Rapidshare download linkhttp://goo.gl/IQPcw


For me music is THE stress buster, specially when it comes to trance, and some fast paced zippy numbers, so I have been creating non-stop mash ups since last one year or so, just to satisfy that creative urge within me.

This time around it’s a 2:30 Hrs marathon mix, with different genres of music from across the globe stitched seamlessly together. So what are you waiting for? just check it out and feed me back with your views 🙂



PS: This podcast is ideal for people going out for long drive, or a long run 😉 also I am not a pro DJ or

something, it’s just my hobby so please be lenient if you don’t find something good in this podcast 😉

Enjoy \m/

Stay Blessed. 🙂