Bansuri Wala-The flute seller

This post of mine is a short story written by me originally on my blogger account..but since i have closed that account i felt..i can still post those feelings out goes the story..or say my feelings…

Scorching Heat,dull ambiance…this is MONSOON in Gwalior…a perfect backdrop for me going to my darling bed for a siesta….few minutes passed ..n suddenly a some what known sweet and sour (as was almost in lap of sleep goddess) struck my so what coma tic ear drums by now. within fraction of second i realized that its the same old young bansuri wala…who on regular interval visits my Mohalla (Colony) to empty up his inventory (thats what business geek call a remaining stock) but he never seems to be unfazed by his never ending inventory…or his sole investment -His Flutes….but still he keeps playing that unknown tune composed by himself mixed with some popular hindi number…..with a hope that may be some small kid will free himself from lap of his mother n will come running to him demanding..his prised possession….but poor chap he don’t know that we are the Indians of new age…with our kids busy in latest play box testing there skills to kill there enemies on screen , in the cool comfort of home…we are the new breed Indians who believe in spending money….but not on “Flutes” but in glittering malls…..

i also felt a bit shameful…why….hmmmm i feel dat god has given us (the one who r having opportunity) a beautiful chance to realize our dream….but we infact never get tired of complaining of how ill resourced we r… less we have…folks just see around yourself there are enomorous “Bansuri wala’s” teasing this so called developing country with there never changing melancholy…you will then realize that how much we have…how much our life offer to us…..n how much privileged we are…thinking this i thanked my stars which brought this moment of realization ……so next time u complain dat how less u have..think of sum poor poverty ridden ppl around u think of that milkman who comes to your door to sell the milk..think of dat cobbler whose each day is decided by number of nails he hits in the shoes…immediately u will stop complaining….thats what life is……so enjoy n let me sleeeeep……


2 thoughts on “Bansuri Wala-The flute seller

  1. a thought provoking article…..well written……showing a typical indian mentality…….of complaining about trivial issues,
    always yearning for things which they dont have and never be grateful for things which they have!!!….. this ultimately results in missing the bigger picture.

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