Month: February 2008

Hey life what I want from you??

Today I am sitting and contemplating about my life…ya my life…I really don’t know how things are shaping up, but somewhere deep in my heart I have a feeling that whatever will happen will happen for good…After all I should be believing in this principle of life..It was in June last year when I entered in my dream phase of life..MBA from one of the premier institute of India…but did I really succeeded in using up that opportunity??..

.even I am searching for the answer..First semester passed away like a wind…and what was my achievement? Questioning too much to yourself is not that easy…but one should have answers to bury the inquisitiveness of his soul and if you are able to do so, then you are on right track in your life. Well..That’s my Philosophy of life..So…Let me try to answer to questions from my soul…am I the same person, who believed in continuous improvement and so many big things in life?? Answer is NO…

Time passed away denting a big mark on my personality…I feel like crippled when It comes to check out that what values I added up in these6-7 months? Answer which I get is NOTHING…this period if I have to give some name is single word was simply PAINFUL…and emotionally draining which I believe is still going on..Ya..If I am correct than my soul is still reeling under that extreme pain of life..

Right now I feel as If I have a task of keep myself away from this pain and agony of life..But still memories are not allowing me to do so..They are really cruel…More you want to run away from feelings which haunt you, more you fall deep down in pit…Falling in love with someone is easy…But when you face the reality of life…Then you think that whether you are really worth loving by someone…somewhere I feel that feeling like love is not for emotional fools like me, who just cant stop thinking about it when they are into it…what to say more..I feel like that lone person who is surrounded by zillions of souls but yet so alone…Is that my life was destined to?

Well… That’s darker side of my life…But do I really have any other side of life to?? Hmmm good question to ponder upon…Will search the answer for it..And may be I will come up with that brighter side of my life which I am trying to search for..Hope it helps my bruised soul…Which is struggling hard to come in terms of this practical world…Just want to wrap sayingThat I love you my life…after all LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL…