Translation Error:)

Well came across this funny mail..which simply translates the commonly used english hindi..and then you see what happens….here it goes

Have a nice day!
—– * Achcha din lo!

What’s up?
—– *Uppar kya hai?

You’re kidding!
—– *Tum bachcha bana rahe ho! HAHAHAHAHA

Don’t kid me!
—– * Mera bachcha mat banaao! HAHAHAHAHAHA

Yo, baby! What’s up?
—–* Beti Yo, uppar kya hai?

Cool man!
—–* Thandaa aadmi!

Check this out, man!
—-* Iskee chaanbeen karo, aadmi!

Don’t mess with me, dude.
—– * Mere saath gandagi mat karo, e vyakti.

She’s so fine!
—– * Woh itnee baareek hai!

Listen buddy, that chick’s mine, okay!?
—– * Suno dost, woh chooza mera hai, theek? ROFL…chooza…HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Hey good looking; what’s cooking?
—-* Arrey sundarta ki devi; kya pakaa rahee ho?

Are you nuts?
—– * Kya aap akhrot hain? ROFL!!

Son of a gun.
—– * Bachcha bandook ka.

Rock the party.
—- * Party mein patthar feko.

How do you do?
—– * Kaise karte ho? LOL….ROFL….HAHAHAHAHAHA

Keep in touch!
—– * Chhoote Raho. (shauk se  )

Lets hang out!
—– * Chalo bahar latakte hain


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