Jaipur Blast

13/05/2008…nothing new..ya just another bomb blast in the Pink city of India- Jaipur…it was first major terrorist attack of its kind in the city, ripping apart the peace and harmony of one of the tourist heaven in India.
Once again same post blast rituals have kicked off, our ever non capable politician will have a quick tour of the spot, will come up with the statements like “we suspect a foreign hand in this” (common guys it’s Pakistan which is doing this..why we are so afraid of taking the name directly), “we congratulate people of X city to maintain the communal harmony in such situation” (oh common give me a break..no body gives a Sh*t to such things as even grave incidents like bomb blast have become a routine in day to day life of an average Indian..life becomes hell for those who are real sufferers of the incident for other life moves on).

After every blast it seems as if some change will happen, but things move on..from first page of newspaper to second and then it eventually goes off, its gives such a feeling that we are becoming so insensible today..not in terms that we are not realizing the pains of other but in terms that these event are just not casting any shadow on our brain..I just hope (that’s again an Irony)..that things improve upon (even point one percent will do), nothing much, may god give enough strength to the victim families to cope up with the situation, and hope that life can become more beautiful. Amen…


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