The Incredibles..

“B-Brilliant….Good ideas are common, but uncommon are the people who work hard enough to make them through…incredibles- we are the best”

These were the lines given to me for my first ever video shoot for the promo video of incredibles.
Now again question may tickle that what the heck I am suppose to do with these incredibles, our office (PTC, Pune) the management has initiated an idea called BLOCKBUSTERS. This is an idea which is suppose to make the employees life a bit more relaxed with tinge of fun on the workplace.

with crunch deadlines, rising tempers, and heated debates, I find this initiative quite appreciable although it seems like yet another HR practice being followed in a company, but any thing done for fun is always welcomed.

Teams formed in this are known as Blocks and normally consists of 28-30 blockers (block members), with each block headed by a Jack (a boy head) and Jill (a girl head).
other teams competing for this events are

  • The Benchwarmers
  • The Usual Suspects
  • The Ghost busters
  • The Desperados
  • The Transformers
  • The Incredibles

This initiative will witness events related to different fields like debating, Jamming, Singing, Skits, outdoor sports activities like cricket etc and loads of other activities. After one year the blockbuster trophy will be awarded to the winning block.
Frankly speaking this Blockbuster thing has hardly imposed any effect on souls like me..that may be because of the reason that I being a summer intern is suppose to stay only till 31st July 2008, then what’s the use of too much involvement (I know many of you will loath me for this lazy attitude..but cant help it guys 😉 )

one interesting phenomenon I saw at my workplace is that although the idea was launched with high expectations, but why it happens that employees are not really proactive in taking up such stress buster ideas, people want to hide from such things by citing the most general reasons like “I am busy in meeting and blah blah…”.

HR people try to think so much for the employees, but I really wonder that how much of these ideas are really a big time hit with employees not only with PTC but also with zillions of other companies.
Nevermind and change to divert the employee’s mind from the boring schedule is always appreciable as it relieves the stress to a great level. Hope this BLOCKBUSTER thing is hit with the company people.
Till then let me enjoy being an INCREDIBLE ;)..

Keep rocking….


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