Apple iPhone

With Apple’s announcement of launch of its new 3G iPhone in almost seventy countries, people are all set to grab this piece of tech marvel. Vodafone is collaborating for its launch in India, that means that iphone will be locked to be used with Vodafone only (it will be interesting to see that till what time such locks will sustain in India 😉 ).

But the point is that, what prompted me to write this post? there are already plethora of articles available on iphone.
Today as I sat down to begin my work, my ears rang with a sweet phrase..”Oh Sh*t”…..that sound came from Deb’s cubicle (my office friend), that sound was enough to make me stand on my feet with anxiety. “What happened Deb? ” …..Deb- “Sh*t man”….(as if he was taught only these two words..) one more try..”At least tell me what happened?”…
“$600 to $200… can you from Rs 25000 to 8000..8GB, 3G enabled iphone!!..that too in one year”..this much was enough for me to understand his plight..Apple’s launch report robbed him in one second of his exclusivity which he was owning since last one year.
He got his iPhone from US last year only (when it was not sold in India and is ready for its official Indian launch now) got it cracked so that it can be used with local operators, and today he reacted as if somebody cheated with him. He purchased 8GB, 2G enabled iPhone in kool $600 and today the newer version is all set for its launch on 11th July in just $199!..that too within time frame of one year….what more to this an alarm bell for biggies like NOKIA? coming days will really be interesting to watch upon specially in mammoth market like India.
But somewhere I feel that poor people like me who are surviving on NOKIA’s low end model like 2610 can surely dream big now;) and can try to make our life more beautiful:)…Thanks Apple…


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