Kismat Konnection- Music Review

When music composer Pritam is in credit then what you expect from the title- certainly crackling numbers.
Kismat Konnection one of the much awaited movie starring Shahid and Vidya is all set to hit the box office in few months. Few days back only the music was released, and I couldn’t resist myself from posting my review on it.
Surely with cast like Shahid and vidya under direction of Aziz Mirza expections will always be high. Once Pritam’s name is on album then your expectations will only get boosted.
with total of eleven tracks in title ( Including five remixes) this album gives enough numbers to tap your foot as well as feel romantic. Pritam has made sure that there are no dull moments while you are listening Kismat Konnection.

The number Aai Pappi opens up the title sung by Neeraj Shridhar . All those who love slow songs for dancing will surely like this song with a slow tempo this song should be a treat for non-dancers willing to come on the dance floor, but still somewhere when Neeraj is behind the mic one tend to compare his song Bhool Bhoolayia and same, keeps happening with me whenever I listen his songs.
Bakhuda Tumhi ho already being aired as promo these days brings together Atif and Alka yagnik, this number begins on a high note from Atif, and he keeps the pitch high throughout the track sometime pinching your ears..but still you will love this song specially when alka gives her voice, it simply soothes the track and will draw you more towards it, but frankly speaking I love its remix version later in the title, something which you can put on loop and would love to listen on a long drive.
Move your body now is a typical masti song, a typical blend of bhangra and hip hop makes sure that no one is left sitting around dance floor. Pritam brings Shaan, Shueil, Hard Kaur and Arti behind mic for this number four diffrent singers make sure that every moment of song is peppy enough to rock on..again remix of this number is more effective than the original number, but overall this track is the one which will have a short shelf great work as such.
Is this Love is a real treat for lovers, Pritam has successfully recreated the magic of Tumse hi (Jab we met) by this soothing number. Mohit along with Shreya Ghosal are in full form, Shreya is such a treat to listen. This is one of the song which I would love to listen and remember my girlfriend..:) great work.
Soniye ve is a surprise number from the guest composer Sajid wajid (Mujhse Shadi karogi fame)… and trust me while you are listining the track you feel as if you are listining the same track aaja soniye from Mujhse Shadi karogi. its a typical bhangra number and will surely be heard for some times on DJ consoles, this track also got a remix version a bit more fast on tempo and a bit more unconventional.
These are the five original tracks and rest are the remix of the above numbers only.

Overall I felt that album is good mix of both romantic and peppy numbers and will surely catch up once the movie is out. will give it 7/10…:)..if you also heard the songs of this movie feel free to post you comment..

Rock on!!


One thought on “Kismat Konnection- Music Review

  1. Bakhuda Tumhi ho will sound more beautiful when a senior singer who has better voice like K.K. or Shaan sings it. Aatif’s voice is really pathetic. Pritamda, can you do it?

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