Air India rockss…;)

Situations can be so funny some times, yet so lethal.
Today morning only read an article on the front page regarding Air India flight goof up. few days back a Dubai-Jaipur-Mumbai flight started off from Dubai in late night, it reached Jaipur and the took off for Mumbai. Now what happened was that both the pilots of flight dozed off and flight crossed Mumbai towards Goa. Flight which was suppose to land in Mumbai itself went ahead towards Goa, and then the ATF alerted the crew by some sort of high alert waking them up, to steer the jet back to Mumbai.
although the authorities claimed that the jet was on autopilot and there was no scope of accident because of some mechanism…but man..just are suppose to land at your destination and then you come to know that you have landed somewhere else…perfect plot for an island mystery ;)…just replace Mumbai and Goa with two unknown places…
Anyways…point is that, these goof ups sounds really funny..but aviation authorities should make sure that airlines companies should have strict control on such events…but after reading the article the only phrase struck to my mind was..that.. it happens only in India..(if at some other country also then please pour in..;))..

God bless us…


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