Team Columbus strikes again….

Fresh from hooting of juniors in Aarambh, Subu’s number flashed on my cell…
Me:- “Bol”
Subu:- “Rohi aa raha hai”
Subu:-“we are going to his native place..”
Me:- “..Bye”
last sentence of Subu was more than sufficient to curb any doubt about fate of my weekend..since time (me, Subu and Rohi) we became roomies it was always a dream to visit Rohi’s village, may be because he has told us so many time about the place, that I already had big castle of imagination built up in my mind.

It was Saturday night when we left for the place known as Koyandai, altough this place is just 40 or max 50 km from Pune but because of its loaction and route of travelling it takes a good amount of time to reach (almost 1.5 hrs). Our mode of travelling this time was Rohi’s Indigo (its our official carrier now..;) ).

uptil now I visited places like Mahabaleshwar, Panchgani, Murud Janjira, Shirdi the common fact binding these spots was that they are tourist hotspot in Maharashtra, so I always felt like going to a place almost untouched by population and away from tourist culture. Expectaions were high…

we started off at 7:30pm in evening, with me taking the backseat next to window fell asleep even before we crossed the city limits, evening traffic made sure that we were late to our destination by almost 45 minutes. After some time we reached Raj Guru nagar a place which is the only big town before we reached Koyandai as the name suggest, Raj guru Nagar is famous for the fact that its the place from where famous Rajguru (Indian Independence struggle martyr ) hailed from.

Leaving past the civilization and madness of population we took turn from Rajguru nagar.
Rupesh:- ” Abey hum safari pe ja rahe hai kya??”
Rupesh:-” Yaha sher aata hai kya?”
Rupesh:-“Yaha saap aata hai kya?”
and Rupesh continued with his never ending bombarding of silly and funny questions, every body in car was given ample opportunity to get the feeling of HOT SEAT (victim of leg pulling).

with friendly abuses ringing in our ears we reached a place from where two roads divided, in pitch black night it was difficult for Rohi to figure out the right turn suddenly we saw somebody sitting on the road side a bit illuminated in car’s headlight…and guess what he was doing??…hehehe..itni rat mein village roadside mein koi baith ke kya karega…

Rohi:- “Subu yar us se pooch na ki koyandai ke liye kidhar se jane ka??”
Subu:- “Pagal hai kya tu dekh raha na what he is doing (he was answering nature’s serious call;) )”
Rohi:- “Abey yarr pooch na..yaha koi nahi aur kis se poochenge??”
Subu:-“nahi yarr..” (by now two three friendly abuses already banged subu..but he was firm on his decision on not disturbing this peaceful soul sitting on the roadside..

finally I asked him..and he answered with so much if I have informed him of winning a lottery(but his moment was almost equivalent to that only)…this regained my faith in old saying that if you want to feel the real hopitality you need to visit a village ;)…

we reached Koyandai late in night by 11 pm with no cell network (except Rupesh’s TATA which he was boasting again and again as if Ratan got suggestion of launching TATA indicom from him only..) it was perfect setting for an adventure away from city rush. with no electricity and road lights..we first time felt the importance of NOKIA 1100 which our only source of light to guide us towards the place where we were suppose to stay.

withing no time after reaching we changed and sat on the mats on the hard mud floor (trust me that feeling was amazing). Now it was dinner time, menu included Gavran chicken (Desi chicken diffrent from the normal broiler chicken we get in city), Bajre ki roti, fried fish and onions (the rural taste can’t be felt it can only experience, can you imagine while writing this menu I am feeling equally hungry;)).

we retired to bed (mats spread on floor with blanket as our pillow), it was mad rush again for Rupesh as he is in habit of sleeping with his legs on somebody or else (or say his roomie Samuel;)).Sleep  which we had was so peaceful broke once folks were tickling me.
now the judgment time..where to go for the early morning routine??? and pat came the reply “upar pahad hai na wahi jane ka hai..we will get two dubbas”..for me doing early morning chores in open was not a new thing as I also hail from rural background, but people like Subu and other it was something like a kid wathcing an UFO in morning…anyways..we somehow got over with this crucial phase of our life..:)

By 10 am we started off for the trek (or say base of the hill from where we suppose to start our trek) almost 1km of distance was covered by car which we left near small hut before we kicked of the trekking. It seemed to me as if even rain god was welcoming us with showers lashing us while we started our climb. I never felt so close to nature with lush green vegitation and everyone felt as if somebody pressed the reboot button of their mind with so much of freshness around the mountains and valleys were reminding constantly of the epic movie Lord of the rings and the scenic locales were it was shot, I felt as if we are going in search of some ring…

we were suppose to reach a temple of  lord Shiva known as kundeswar located on the hill top.
Passing by stream of water, wide spread green grass, narrow uneven paths and the cool breeze hitting the face…everything was so pure…

On our way to top, we caught one crab, we took break near one small cascade of water and had a round of ThumsUp’ing and then started of again..and reached on top with heavy breathes..and soon after darshan of lord Shiva we started off for downhill. We stopped again in mid way to have our locally packed journey snacks and few rounds of aereated drinks…

within half an hour we were back in our car….and then in lunch we had crab which was one of the major USP of this trip…and then after spending some good time in village we left for Pune.

Once again it was one memorable trip with my roomies ofcourse including Rupesh and Sharif (the new member of our Columbus team…


5 thoughts on “Team Columbus strikes again….

  1. Hey Rahul …

    Nice Blog … You are a gutsy man to have disturbed someone answering nature’s call. 😀

    Hmmm … and I see that once again … the Picnic Organizer was SUBU. Its official now … Subu has the title for good !!

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