Bachna Ae Haseeno

This monday I checked out the much awaited music from Yashraj camp movie Bachna Ae Haseeno. It seems like that YRF has lost its midas touch in the music department, someway or the other they are not able to churn out  movies which are neither box office success nor having any catchy music unlike their other movies like veer zaara.

This movie will surely set the box office on fire for initial days becuause of its star value. With stars like Katrina, Bipasha, Ranbir, Deepika and Minisha any college goer will surely love to drop in for this flick.

Now the music…in one word I would rate it disappointing…The album opens up with Khuda Jane with singers like KK and Shilpa Rao I immediately developed big expectations. Once you listen this number and you somewhere get a feel as if you are listening song from some Bhatt camp movie with Imran hashmi in lead. May be these days we are so much into Pritam’s music that every other number seems to be composed by him only . But Khuda Jane a slow paced number is surely a treat for lovers check it out.
Lucky Boy is a big dampener neither its a dance number nor it falls in slow genre may be it will look more interesting on screen but nothing special in this number. Talent of singers like Sunidhi and Hard Kaur (Move your body fame from Johnny Gaddar) are completely wasted.

Aahista aahista is surely a winner track among all the other numbers of this title. A fast paced track which you would love to listen on a long drive is a number to watch for. Track opens up with melodious voice of Shreya and the whole pitch and feel changes as Lucky Ali takes charge of the proceeding. Lucky is almost on high pitch almost throughout the number, in coming days this one should surely be used for promotion

Jogi Mahi is nothing special to go for its just like any other punjabi number and is on some serious note, with singer like Sukhvinder Singh coming in you surely expect a cracker, but again its a let down. Other singer include Himani Kapoor( never heard of her) and Shekhar from the music duo Vishal Shekhar itself.

Small town girl is one of the funky number, with vocals from Shankar Mahadevan its surely takes some time to catch up but once you get through you somewhere get a feel of listening the song again. This is a full masti number. While listening this  I got a feel as if I am listening the track Ticket to Hollywood from Jhoom barabar jhoom, but still many of you would love the track because of its masti quotient.

Khuda Jane (revisted) is a remix version of the same number which opened the title, its a racy number with high tempo and good beats and will surely rock the floor for coming days.
and finally the surprise element- the title track Bachna ae haseeno. I got surprised to see Kishor kumar in credit of the song, but then its more of remastered version of the old song with same name, sung originally by Kishor Kumar. The only difference this time is change in the music (loads of beats added ) with Vishal and Sumit kumar adding in their vocals as well. Overall an decent number to tap your foot on.

In nutshell there is nothing special in this album expect Khuda Jane and Ahista Ahista , there is hardly any song which will set your imaginatoin wild. Even the Revisted version of Khuda Jane is one rrack to look for. It seem that duo composer Visal-Shekar are running out of gas after their phenomenoal success in Om Shanti Om. This reflects in this album as well with nothing much innovative I really wish that they churn out something really catchy in future. Overall a Okkkkish album. will give 5.5/10.
keep rocking..:)


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