what to do now…?

Sitting outside library…I am just pondering that what to do now..although I have already made my decesion, but you know that what’s human nature is all about. One fine moment it will convince that you have made the most wisest call on this earth..and the very next moment you will start feeling that “how can I be so stupid..”.

But this is the way how life works..there are few who are ready to go that “extra mile” which can make diffrence, ofcourse that diffrence can be negative also..like once I bunked one of my lecture just to catch my afternoon nap, reason was that lecture was not that important..with all permutaion and combinations working in my favour I took my call and went for my siesta..and the very next moment after class got over..my room-mates called me up and told that how I scrwed big time..as the faculty conducted the so called “surprise evaluation” on the same day…and then trust me from that point of time every time I take a nap in afternoon, I really make sure that I deserve that nap or not…

the point is that why we are so confused?? why there are few people who can take their decesion with full conviction without an iota of doubt in their cerebral compartment..

And today also I am in the same situation..I need to bunk the whole week, so that I can visit my parents and my sister whom I am missing badly..and the very same week head of my institute i.e. director is going to conduct two lectures, and the worse part is that majority of the public is going to bunk..I don’t know what will happen..once again I am ready with a new set of dilemmas..hope everything passes on smoothly…

any one their…what should I do???


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