Rock On- DCH 2?

With this weekend witnessing slew of releases…Rock On was one of those which also hit the silver screens across the nation.
well Initially when the music was launched of the same movie some where in July I Initial reaction was that what the heck this will be all about..and I was almost with the decision- not to watch the movie, but then classes wrapping up I was having plenty of time in hand this Friday to catch up with the new release..and frankly speaking I went to hall looking for Bachna ae Haseeno..and changed my mind on the ticket window itself..neways time for some review…

well the movie comes from the makers of DCH (Dil Chahta Hai), with this movie being a acting launchpad of Farhan Akthar (who has already proved his mettle as a director) stakes are high.
Movie opens with the already hit number “Socha Hai”…and I must say that it really sets the mood of the whole offering coming up in next few hours.
this movie is about a rock band called as MAGIK..with four members in it..Aditya Shroff(Farhan), Joe (Arjun), Rob (Luke Kenny) and KD killer drummer (Puran Kohli).

The story revolves around this band itself and happenings around it..infact the storyline is pretty simple, from the first reel itself you know that what will be the end of the movie.
in initial hours of movie its all about the yippee things..I mean fun and frolic involved with the band..etc etc.

The story is simple. There is a band called Magik, they get their first break with one audio company, but while making of their debut album, loads of ego clashes crop up between Aditya and Joe leading to breakup of the band..and then you know what happens after ten years of breakup, all four members of the band are busy with something or other, but none of them is happy because the dream they saw of making MAGIK a success was never fulfilled.
Bottom line..the movie is about breaking up and then how the members reunite to fulfill their dream after ten years.
Acting was everyone is in top form..watching Farhan altough is not that pleasent and sometimes he is too loud..but still you can see that maturity in his acting, Arujn Rampal has finally got his due..I don’t know why he is always underutilized by directors..but trust me this time he is a revelation. watch him when he expresses without saying a word-Amazing.
Purab is another fine actor..who movie after movie is maturing, he is lovable to watch.
Rob is also good I mean ok types.

Overall the movie is primarily for Multiplex audiance, and will surely find crowd in college going pepole.
Somehow this movie has a hangover of DCH, but nevermind even that hangover is good to watch.

Songs in my opinion are a letdown infact I feel there was much scope for improving those songs..but never mind finished good is of top notch.

Climax of the movie is amazing, the concert, the songs, Arjun’s Pain..everything has been captured beautifully..

7.5/10 is what I will give to this movie..Go for it…


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