When every one sleeps..

its 3:45 am in the morning and I am sitting alone on the stair case of my hostel..searching for that precious wi-fi signal..so that I can access net and beat my boredom by surfing something on net..ok ok chuk it..I am looking for that person who has been elusive since long..and I am just sitting in wee hours with a dull hope of chatting with that person..

Life is pretty strange these days..things are changing pretty fast..new relationships coming up struggling to replace the old one..sort of constant struggle going on to make a better future..to inflict less pain to my near and dear ones..I don’t know what I am saying..sometimes in our life we are so confused that we just don’t know that in what direction we are being driven by the driver called life…

Painful memories of past are rushing through mind..making this moment of solidarity a more painful one..

Loneliness is really beautiful sometimes..you be alone and suddenly you can feel as if so many facts of life gets unrevealed in front of you, which is hidden in our day to day life.
Sometimes I feel as I have fallen in love with being alone..I feel like spending loads of time introspecting about my life..which is just not happening…

Ok ok ..no more philosophy..loads of things coming up..time to gear up for acads (although this time never comes 😉 )…time to gear up for the upcoming placement season..in nutshell time for some change…

I just wish that coming time can bring in some hope with it…



7 thoughts on “When every one sleeps..

  1. Great post dude! I’m sure everyone goes through such kind of emotions once. But you have portrayed it beautifully!

    All that matters is living actually. and taking all of life’s ups and downs in our stride is what matters. And that is exactly the thing that keeps us goin…looking forward to ‘live’ the next day! 🙂

  2. Thx for the appreciation…life sometimes is really strange…and in such strangness we tend to some strange things…lolzz..may be this article was culmination of that strange moment…

    god bless

  3. i loved the way u put up d real thots n feelings rite dere from inside..very less ppl r able to do dat..neither me evn..n dese r dose practical moments of life dat u put wich r common in every individual’s life..i read ur posts regularily dese days,n its like awesome..dey freshen by first relieving me wid the thot dat dere r ppl who seem to think exactly in d sme manner like i feel..n secondly,cuz dey r so beatifully put,i love philosphy..life’s strange..keep going..tkcr..

  4. Hey Garima..U knw wht I believe when u r in pain..it brings out ur real innerself..dats why I always try to listen tht faint voice when I m thrashed down by life badly..and it helps..just a thought sharing wid u..thanks again for reading my posts…god bless 🙂

  5. yep..i noe..it does happen..once atleast in life every1 goes thru sch circumstances..i hope one cn cope up wid sch situations..u keep up the gud work,n i ll keep reading ur blogs n commenting..tkcr..

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