Are you confuesd??

With November approaching India..the most common phenomenon which grips a major share of student community is MBA entrance examinations across the length and the breadth of the country.
Even if it had been till examination it would have been much better, but the real pain begins not during the examination preparation but once you are through with it.

This pain comes in form of filling various forms for different B-Schools spread across the nation. These entrance forms are big time money spinner for these MBA colleges. when I was going through this stage..I always use to wonder why the heck a small piece of paper with few columns and boxes spread here and there cost me so heavily.
Trust me filling a form of 1200-1300 bucks (this is standard these days I guess..) is big time pain in a**.
specially students from humble background really feel the pinch of this consistently. Every time you go to your dad and ask him to dole out some moolah..he will always look upon you as if you you have committed some crime..and folks..he will be the first person to boast about your B-school admission..(lolzz so natural..with due respect to their feelings)..still its a hard time for B-School aspirants..

Coming down to business…how to fill forms???…people generally take it as a very casual process leading to a messy situation and loads of wastage of money..earlier it was not that difficult but with ever growing B-Schools, one feels that for what to go for and what not…
Actually form filling is sort of pre-test of your managerial attitude..what B-school to aim for what to leave…so many questions..

well the basic fact one should always keep in mind is that never be very impulsive on form filling…that never be to under estimating about your MOCK Exams score and even don’t be too bullish about it..suppose you are scoring consistently between 80-90 percentile..then you can aim for few colleges which are within 95 percentile (because you never know that it may be your day..)..and also keep few colleges below 80 percentile that you can save your face for the worst case scenario..(surely it all depends on your choice of college).. and then surely you can go on to fill forms of those B-School whom you think you can easily manage to get through.

Another very important fact is that, always maintain a diary..keeping track of all the B-schools you have applied sounds a bit casual..but it really helps..maintain information like Deadline, cost of the form, website address and other important facts related to that particular college.

Make a sound strategy..and prepare accordingly for that B-Schools. Form filling is all about holding your nerves and playing it safe….and if you feel that you can make it to a particular B-school then don’t stop your self from filling the form..I mean investment made in forms..are normally not wasted (provided that you work hard enough to secure that coveted B-school seat)…with these points in mind..I guess form filling process can be a cake walk (for me at least this was the case)…So what are you waiting for…make your plan and go for the final kill..


2 thoughts on “Are you confuesd??

  1. hi
    i just saw one of your reply to a query and was wondering if you could help me out with mine
    im an engineering student in IT in the final year now
    I plan to give my MBA entrances in 2009
    Im confused about what i should take up
    You have done mba in systems right?
    i checked the syllabus, it is very similar to what we have done in our BE degree
    will doing MBA in systems help me get a better job if im going to redo the same subjects??
    do help me out, im in state of confusion
    write to me on

    1. Hi mayuri
      I personally feel that MBA helps in taking u up in the organizational structure, which is not possible in case u r simple BE. I do agree many subjects sound familiar but trust me its not the case, Even I felt the same when I started the course as I am a SE so many things sounded similar..but now when I am about to complete the course I feel that I have added a lot to my knowledge base after MBA from systems. Still I feel that u shld analyze ur situation and interest and then take a decision..don’t go by popular trend..ask urself that whether u really wanna go for it..and if yes then welcome to the world of aspirations and slogging..:)

      hope ur query is answered

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