This is for you my life..:)


After a long hiatus..I finally decided to write is about a person in my life who has been catylitic to so many changes in my life..and this post of mine is dedicated to that individual……it’s just my gratitude towards that person who taught me lessons of handling a relationship, how to deal with your unjustified expectations, how to deal with insecurity, how to deal with ego..dont worry I didnt join any crash course of  ” Handling a relationship in 30 days”…but all this just happened just because of that person being in my life…sometimes I feel to be blessed to have that person in my life…
Now I feel that how wrong I was about myself…people around you keep teaching you something or other..that’s why never ignore your best friend’s advice…never shun off the suggestion given by your loved ones..they do have some point to make..because they are the ones who understand you the most…

One individual can make huge impact in your life and same thing is happening with me, with this adorable personality around me, no one is perfect so is this center point of my life..but I love that person as she is…
Her shimmering beauty, her shear presence makes all the difference in the life..I don’t know what to say…but friend you have changed my life forever…I have no words left to describe my feelings…I even don’t know why I am writing this post..but something is changing withing me…may be I am a better individual now…

Thanks my life…….god bless you….:)


3 thoughts on “This is for you my life..:)

  1. Sometimes in life you meet people who in the course of time become so special that you cannot afford to loose them.You become so dependent upon them yet so happy.That someone who change your life by just being a part of it. Someone who is always try to make you laugh and laugh until your stomach pains…who makes you believe that there really is good in the world.Someone who gives a key to unlock this locked door of happiness…Thank you so much shona…With tears in eyes..I’ll always remember you…you know this someone is you :-)…Keep smiling..

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