It seems like that recession has caught the attention across the how can our fellow Indians can remain unaware about it..anyways..point is..that 2009 will be the worst year to graduate as an MBA.
with December almost approaching towards mid, and we have only 2.5 months left as march end is always left for semester end examinations. with such scenario I just don’t know what will happen with my placement dreams. up till now I got two opportunities of facing the interviews and messed up both.
Situation right now is just like Uday Chopra dreaming in Dhoom movie..similarly when I started off with MBA..I had a”yarr kum se kum 5.5 lacs to milega hi milega..uske neeche to lene ka hi nahi”..or ” Lets get placed by year end..and then we will go to Goa..” but it seems as if some body has punctured the tyre…bole to hawa nikal di hai..

and when we talk these days..the only word which hits the tounge is recession and then only some discussion starts off…height is..that even a Re 1 increase for a cup of tea is linked to recession…damm it yarr…kya socha tha aur kya ho gaya..

as if now out of batch strength of 192 almost 50 something are counting there chickens happily rest are just looking for that elusive oppertunity..on the top of this..companies come with a mind set to reject a candidate rather then selecting them..I have seen people being rejceted after seven rounds of is this..theek hai naukri nahi deni hai to pehle bata do na yarr..why to torture a candidate and then kick his a** and show him the door…
I don’t know what’s in store on this placement front..but certainly increase in revenues of booz companies is something to cheer about..atleast some one is getting advantage of this recession…

Every day starts with thinking about placement, every other conversation  starts with the word placement and probably ends with it as well.Earlier when we use to see our friends the first reaction was waving your hand or just saying a simple “hi”…but now you see a friend and the first sentence which comes out of mouth is..”Yaar koi company aa rahi hai kya”..or ” kya bhai kya scene chal raha hai..any news..”. God know what will happen..time will tell..but mid of the night if some thing has promopetd me to stir my upper compartment then it should be something serious…

GOD BLESS what I can say..and hope for the best is what I can expect from the future..till then enjoy being never know Kal ho na hao


3 thoughts on “Recessionized…..

  1. i noe..dats true..n its horrile in d same manner in all our b-schools probly..i hope it gets better asap,bt it dusnt luk like dat till d next year atleast..i wish u all the v bst..btw wich college do u belong to??

  2. Kitna dard bhara hai is blog main!! lol…jokes apart! The way you have represented the sad thing with masala is wonderful… Best part that I liked was Dhoom wala example…I could really imagine you in place of Uday Chopra…hehe! 🙂 Good luck n god bless all you guys!

  3. dude

    It was nice reading your blog.I got GD/PI call from SCIT(systems).I need your help.Please tell how is this college regarding imp parameters like placement etc.
    Then How should I prepare for my gd/pi.
    It would be great if you can help me.
    Thank you.

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