What Jodi man…!!!???

With 2008 turning out to be a lackluster year for apna bollywood, all hopes now are pinned on year end releases like SRK starrer Rab ne bana de Jodi, Amir’s Ghazni and the much hyped Chandni Chowk to China. Among these three, first one to hit box office last week was Rab ne bana di Jodi. This movie was special because of number of factors.
1) Firstly it marks the return of Aditya Chopra after looong eight years so this one is his latest directorial venture post Mohhbatein.
2) Secondly this movie comes with the reigning king khan SRk after the much hyped but highly criticized fanfare of OSO.
3) Thirdly but not that important is the fact that this movie is launch vehicle of debutant pretty lass Anushka Sharma.rnbdj11

Thus stakes are high as bollywood is already carving badly for some hit to cheer the already damp mood post 26/11 strikes.
Anyways..Coming down to business the movie review…well well well..Seriously saying I wasn’t in favour to waste my precious 110 bucks on this movie as the first day review from my friends were already more than enough to keep me away from this flick. Few went to an extent to term this movie as most pathetic one of the year and were complaining for symptoms of insomnia after watching this movie…

Still as the cliché goes..that man proposes and god disposes…so happened with me..as suddenly Monday noon saw Subu, Rupesh and Sharif suddenly coming with this movie plan that I just couldn’t say no to them. Movie venue was our as usual loyal E-square..really I wonder what would have happened if there was no E-square..Symbians knows the answer well..

It was quite surprising to see such a large crowd for the movie on Monday noon..( I wonder why India’s Industrial growth is going south…).
I love watching the movie since beginning that includes the post credit roll advertisement and trailers as well, I really don’t have any reason for that but this is the way I am. However the movie started.
Well talking about this movie it is all about how a common wins back his lady luck. This movie is similar in terms of one movie which starred Rajpal Yadav I don’t recall the name but initial part does consists of that hangover.
Sharukh Khan every times does something with his character which just leave you craving for a bit more, out here the king khan has done the same with his portrayal of common man.


This is probably first time that SRK has added such kind of role in his acting arsenal. Without conveying much dialogue he conveys the complete pain of Mr. Suri.
Plot of movie is simple, Sharukh goes to a marriage of his professor’s daughter where a tragedy occurs and all the baraatis dies (including the bride) in an accident. Leaving the female lead Anushka in a difficult situation thus like normal routine types movie apna babuji takes wada from Mr Suri (Srk) to hold hands of his dear daughter…resulting in marriage of two completely different soul..even on such emotional scenes few like Rupesh and other can’t resist themselves from commenting like “ Sala shadi attend karne gaya tha ulta shadi hi kar ke a gaya”..never mind, then incidents unfold as suspected..the girl just don’t like her hubby who is straight out of Gandhian era sort of, where the guy just keep his emotions within expecting the girl to understand his love. I just don’t understand who the hell must be wearing such kind of look in these days as srk did, those thick glass frame, routine type shirts, pants and sports shoes on them..eeee…even common man has also grown smart today..rnbdj31

Anyways..suddenly the girl wants to participate in the dance competition where she finds her dance partner in form of new renovated SRK..now this is one big flaw of movie..Come on yaar..how can this happen again and again since ages that all the audience in the hall knows that the new look guy is the same old guy with moustaches and glasses but why our poor actress just can’t realize this..infact this problem had been there since ages in our bollywood where even our poor villain is unable to recognize the hero whom he had been troubling throughout the movie just because of that simple moustache and a monkey cap..come on man..aub to bus karo…still movie goes on with alter ego of Mr. Suri making an entry in form of Raj the JAT..

The movie is just fine till this whole dance school drama starts unfolding after that trust me movie has just lost its focus. Portrayal of Raj by SRK is too loud and bitter…it really hurts your eyes whenever SRK appears in form of Raj . After few reels the actress looses her heart to this guy (Raj who is apna MR. Suri only), and penultimate reels witnesses plan of eloping with this guy who is none other than his own husband..final few minutes of movie are really bukwas..dialouge like “ Mujhe aap mein mujhe apna rab dikhta hai” common yaar mujhe to har ladki mein hi rab dikhta hai..hahahaha…but towards end you really start feeling ki when this movie will end..or start feeling ki bhai aub plz is movie ko the end kar do…

No need to tell the ending of the movie..the movie falls short on expectations especially when it comes from director like Aditya chopra. Although I know this as well that movie will do huge business because of SRK factor..but I really didn’t like the movie neither in terms of music nor the story line..but still..kya kare srk hai to control nahi hota 😉 ….
Go for it if you are a hardcore Sharukh fan….else there is nothing much to boast for..will give 4.5 out of 10…


One thought on “What Jodi man…!!!???

  1. Nice one…even I saw the movie(but not E-Square this time) last Sunday. But somehow I could not accept SRK in such a pathetic character of Raj! However I like the way he acted as Mr Suri and Anushka as Tanya(Tani-partner). Direction and music was as expected! Once watch movie…

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