Queries Queries Queries…alas all are same…

Well..with SNAP over its time for me to get back to my usual avatar of koolrahulgwl. yeah that’s my nick on Pagalguy.com. I assume that reader is well aware of this portal..still for those who are not..khas aapke liye (exclusively for you) I am telling you ;)..that this portal is for MBA aspirants, where they punch in there queries and get the back their answers. I am handling SCIT thread out there. Bored?? ok ok no self boasting..

well I wanted to write this post out of sheer ummmmm..leave it…
just take a look of what people ask
Mr X :- “Can you please tell me about the course structure”..
yarr website kya mere pappa ke dekhne ke liye banayi hai..C’mmon guys I guess we have that much of sense to understand that today before any thing, we ask for the website and our first impression is based on that. But I just don’t understand that why junta is just not interested in taking that small pain which will reduce their efforts in search for more  information.
Never mind this is how things work..I really get pissed off (although I should not) when people keep asking questions like “what is the package?”..when you are in IT,  package is one thing which you would love to answer at last..because things move so fast that today what I am telling might look false tomorrow.
Anyways I have to uphold the status of Hardcore Pagal (yeah the designation or rank which this portal gives as you go up the ladder).
But I really wish that when people hit that submit button before posting their query, at least they should check for the previous responses…
Even when I am writing this post my gtalk is popping up notification for new query. I wonder..what will happen.. I just hope people don’t take this post of mine as an exercise of self boasting or anything remotely connected to it..
Anyways…happy solving queries to me…long live koolrahulgwl…;)


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