MBAAAAAAA…times up now..

Sitting in the reading room (although long goes the tale that management decided to have this room so that people can sit here and read in peace, and do there work..but…) SCIT’s official cyber cafe I am wondering where life will be taking me in coming few days. Mid January is already over, “Happy New year” messages have also dried..with no sign of happiness, I am really perplexed.
Tomorrow..our whole Sunday is gone..9 am we will be having lab and then presentation till evening, and today we are preparing for the damm presentation which we were suppose to do way back 3-4 weeks back..this is how MBA is works..and the most funny part is that such kind of last minute work is done with such an ease that even you will ask yourself..and will murmur..”Kamal hai yarr”…By late in the night there will be at least 10 companies which will come in existence that too with full financial forecast, HR stratgey every other thing…quite surprising…and the best part is that when you ask someone then they will shun it off saying..”Yarr 3 sem mein itna to hum seekh hi gaye hai..” really amuses me sometimes..but cant help it because I am part of the same culture..My team mates are pondering over the fact that how to make the company profitable..and I am busy writing this post (mind it I am done with my part :P)…someone is trying to look at other teams presentation, someone is waiting for the phone call, some one is refreshing “Home” tab or Orkut…and so the bottom of all this buzz, a small thought is growing..that all this cacophony, all this hectic schedule will be history in few days…where things will be same..but environment will one will be there on whom you will hurl those friendly abuse..because the picture will be occupied by unknown set of one will be there to whom you suddenly ask to give you company to have a bit of vada pav and a cup of tea..because time is running fast and taking us towards the fact..that times up now..time to wrap up..MBA is about to get over….


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