Month: February 2009

It’s all happening..

“hawww…seniors walked out from the paper?????”…that was our reaction when we were in first sem of MBA and heard this incident from peers…and today we the seniors of SCIT..who are on verge of becoming April first week…fell in the same situation..a plain and simple walkout from the paper…actually..paper to be given was of domain studies of manufacturing…but because of hectic last week we weren’t prepared for the paper..still we went for the paper..Wondering that in case if it turns out to be a MCQ..atleast we will have some chance…but..destiny had some other plans..initially first ten minutes..we were looking at each other faces..that what the heck is this..and on the top of it invigilator was thinking that we are trying to cheat..abey yarr cheat kise karna hai..pehle bakiyo ko bhi to kuch aanachaiye..;)..I thought of peeping into Samuel’s answer sheet…but even my glasses couldn’t help I felt as if I am trying to peep into a sheet which is being written in some ancient script..never mind..I consoled my self..flipped paper on both if there is some provision of answers being printed on blank side of question paper for “INTELLIGENT” student like me..saw here and there..and felt as if god has done some injustice with me while he was allotting my quota of  brain..(but later I found every one was thinking the same with no clue what to write on the answer sheet…)..finally…I felt that its better to go out and have a cup of tea, rather than sitting like an idiot and staring in this  paper which has been directly sent  from I stood everyone also followed if it was the catalytic moment..aur mein bin bat ke neta bangaya..hehehe…I never realized that other people were feeling the same pain which that bright looking paper has inflicted on all of us…and I gave them the catalytic moment to act upon…and then I realized that finally Systems 2007-2009 was also in the walkout hall of fame..not a great thing to boast about but one good test we passed was of test of unity..barring few..I guess I realized first time we do have element of unity in our class…..don’t know what will happen next….god bless us all..long live Systems 07-09