Month: March 2009

Degree over kya??

Bahut padhya yarr..

Bahut padhya yarr..


It all happened on 18th October 1983…I don’t know what was the alignment of planets when I was born..but I can bet that they must have conspired against me like hell..either in my previous life I must have committed some deadly sin because of which for a guy like me for whom studying is just like bringing India and Porkistan..oops Pakistan on negotiation table.

Trust me I never thought that I will go on to complete MBA that too from a good institute like Symbiosis. I can vividly recollect that after every final exam of a particular class I use to come back home (no matter I was about to fail in exams) rejoicing about my exams getting over, planning about things to do after exam….”Papa..chalo movie dekh ke aate hai..”  Papa:- ” KYAAAA….[with echo effect and background voice from my mom too…]” (as if he has been hired by Ekta kappor to act in one of the serials from Balaji telefilms)…..Papa again:- “Tumhe degree mil gayi itne khush ho rahe ho..(are mere bapu..2nd class ka bachha kaha se degree khatam kar lega)…kul se next class ki padhai start kar do..”…..but my degree is over..yes I have completed my formal education…yes I have done it…cheers to all those scolding I got after every annual results of school…cheers to all those failures in mathematics..cheers to hiding those marks from mom and dad…

I have always been an OUT-Standing student..with most of the time spent in basketball court…I still cant believe that I have completed MBA…god knows how I have done it..but still at this moment of saying goodbye..I am feeling happy..that the path I chose  for myself..I successfully completed that  journey..without any regrets…within 7 days of this post..I would be on the next side of the fence..I just wanna say thanks to my mom who kept beating me till the point I use to pass exams of every class..and to an extent that it became a good luck charm for me..”Yaar ma ne pitayi nahi lagayi abhi tuk..exam nah gadbad ho jaye..”..thx ma….thx dad..for always having faith in my decesions (although I did fumbled many times..but you made it smooth sailing)…thx sis..for cooperating so well with me that every time when a comics use to pop up out of my course books she use to run to mom as if Indian parliament is again under attack..and use to shout..”Mummy bhaiya ne comics nikal li hai”..and then Rahul singh use to become string of viloin and my mom use to become that vilion player…sis..tu to reporter ban ja India TV mein…

Never mind…all those scary days of exams are over..all those chit making will be missing…study is over now…its time now to jump on this bumpy road of face the real world…to feel the heat..time to change the gear..and enter in a new track of life…alas…my padhai is over…thanks god..

come on wish me luck…:)


Director’s cut…

There was one institute..Vymbiosis institute of Technology Information..located in was hard time of recession..and half of the final year batch was un placed even though they were on verge of becoming an MBA from this Premier TI- B skool….never mind..student were very brave and were facing this tough scenario with aplomb but somehow in zest to find a suitable opportunity they were not able to attend the classes regularly..some were also taking this job finding as excuse and were having fun..but they were very less in number…one fine day..suddenly there was a notice flashing on the notice board, declaring names of students who were having attendance less than 75%..ohhh what..every one was worried..biting nails..banging there heads..still they felt ummm..director will understand the situation..and will leave it this time…but some how..destiny had some other plans..students of this “Premier TI B skool” known as VITI..were not that lucky..there director was more interested in having one to one meet with student just to scold them and then eventually sign on there examination forms, whose submission was block until you have a chat with the diro..and this whole thing took two days of student, director, and everyone..

Sad part is that when director was suppose to be involved in activities like finding new opportunities for her students and making sure that they are at least placed..or for that matter at least a chance to track a new company..she was busy scolding the students, asking them to write apology letter and stuff like that..never mind..students of VITI “Premier TI B skool” are resourceful enough to find an opportunity for them self..coming 4th April student of this institute will graduate as an MBA..and will be slogging hard in the rough weather prevailing in the industry..but they will survive..but the only point which bothers is that the time when they were looking up to the saviour for some help they got non-cooperation…what respect these student will carry for their Alma mater in future…case is wide you have some opinion????


Still from SDM 


Still from SDM


ok offences…I hope this title of post will get along with your thinking..well what to say..these days..we all are bitten by this slumKutta..ummm..this sounds a bit rowdy..sluuumm..kutttaaaa..okk..lets convert it to english version..Slum dog….yeah thats better now..but why??? are English hai bhai…and we are the flag bearers of queens language since ages.. but why Slumdog??? are yarr come on..Slum comes from slum dweller and dog comes from underdog…bole to ban gaya Slumdogbhow barks as well…chill more abstracting on this post..the day I saw Slumdog Millionaire not even in my remotest dream there was a possibility to blog about it..but still here I am writing and trying to make some sense out of this euphoria  which has sweeped away almost all the awards on this earth…but frankly speaking I don’t give a damn to these accolades this typical masala movie is receiving all over the world..(who cares about me giving a damn 😉 )..I just don’t understand that why we Indians are so hungry for getting publicity in eyes of the west..why we have this feeling of proving that..” Boss we have arrived on the global map..”..sometimes I feel that what these gora log might be thinking about us..(I know another typical Indian characteristics of giving sh** about what others are thinking ) that one award (read OSCAR) which for them is just like any other function..converts to a do or die situation for an educated Indian, so much so that we all are glued to our source of information to keep us updated about each and every action of celebrities on the day of the Oscar.

What I want to say is that when this hunger of ours will die of proving our self at par with the west..why we keep running after their recognitions..oooops..this happens when you become too much fundebaaaz..;)..let me write about apna SlumKutta…well I seriously feel that there is some problem in right part of cerebral hemisphere :P..of these firangis..movies like Laagan, Tare Zameen par, Shwas looses out just at the doorstep and movies like SM goes on to as much as 8 bullshit trophies…for some bullshit stuffed in form of a movie  termed as some revolutionary story about India’s slum life..Mr Rahman got Oscar for Jai ho..and trust me I have never heard such a cacophonous number being doled from this adulated music director..I am not trying rob of him of his achievements..but still there were much better work done by AR as compared to this crap number..I know SDM team is basking in this glory of Oscars..but speaking from my heart as an Indian..we have already seen such average movies since ages..if not in one flick then in different takes from different directors…but kya kare after all hum hai Indians hi na..just take a look

Mr A.- Yarr SDM to kya Fu**all movie hai…faltu mein sub itna shor macha rahe hai..
Mr B- but yar SDM ko to Oscar award mil gaye….!!!
Mr A- What!!! tub to movie sahi hai yarr..actually mujhe thoda samajh nahi aayi us time..

this is what happening..but boss trust me..I have never seen  such an over hyped crap movie that too winning 8 Oscars…
I know many of you will loathe me..will bash me..about saying so bad about this  “Feel good movie of the decade”…but can’t help it..boss India hai..democracy hai..:) God bless us….JAI HO