Still from SDM 


Still from SDM


ok offences…I hope this title of post will get along with your thinking..well what to say..these days..we all are bitten by this slumKutta..ummm..this sounds a bit rowdy..sluuumm..kutttaaaa..okk..lets convert it to english version..Slum dog….yeah thats better now..but why??? are English hai bhai…and we are the flag bearers of queens language since ages.. but why Slumdog??? are yarr come on..Slum comes from slum dweller and dog comes from underdog…bole to ban gaya Slumdogbhow barks as well…chill more abstracting on this post..the day I saw Slumdog Millionaire not even in my remotest dream there was a possibility to blog about it..but still here I am writing and trying to make some sense out of this euphoria  which has sweeped away almost all the awards on this earth…but frankly speaking I don’t give a damn to these accolades this typical masala movie is receiving all over the world..(who cares about me giving a damn 😉 )..I just don’t understand that why we Indians are so hungry for getting publicity in eyes of the west..why we have this feeling of proving that..” Boss we have arrived on the global map..”..sometimes I feel that what these gora log might be thinking about us..(I know another typical Indian characteristics of giving sh** about what others are thinking ) that one award (read OSCAR) which for them is just like any other function..converts to a do or die situation for an educated Indian, so much so that we all are glued to our source of information to keep us updated about each and every action of celebrities on the day of the Oscar.

What I want to say is that when this hunger of ours will die of proving our self at par with the west..why we keep running after their recognitions..oooops..this happens when you become too much fundebaaaz..;)..let me write about apna SlumKutta…well I seriously feel that there is some problem in right part of cerebral hemisphere :P..of these firangis..movies like Laagan, Tare Zameen par, Shwas looses out just at the doorstep and movies like SM goes on to as much as 8 bullshit trophies…for some bullshit stuffed in form of a movie  termed as some revolutionary story about India’s slum life..Mr Rahman got Oscar for Jai ho..and trust me I have never heard such a cacophonous number being doled from this adulated music director..I am not trying rob of him of his achievements..but still there were much better work done by AR as compared to this crap number..I know SDM team is basking in this glory of Oscars..but speaking from my heart as an Indian..we have already seen such average movies since ages..if not in one flick then in different takes from different directors…but kya kare after all hum hai Indians hi na..just take a look

Mr A.- Yarr SDM to kya Fu**all movie hai…faltu mein sub itna shor macha rahe hai..
Mr B- but yar SDM ko to Oscar award mil gaye….!!!
Mr A- What!!! tub to movie sahi hai yarr..actually mujhe thoda samajh nahi aayi us time..

this is what happening..but boss trust me..I have never seen  such an over hyped crap movie that too winning 8 Oscars…
I know many of you will loathe me..will bash me..about saying so bad about this  “Feel good movie of the decade”…but can’t help it..boss India hai..democracy hai..:) God bless us….JAI HO


5 thoughts on “slumKutta…crorepati…;)

  1. I loved this movie. Brilliant direction, awesome screenplay, cinematography and editing. I agree that A R Rehman has given better songs than Jai Ho but at the same time it is a brilliant number too! I will suggest you two songs from the album which didn’t receive much attention compared to Jai Ho; Paper Planes and Gangsta Blues. No Indian music director has ever produced such fine western music.
    About movies like Shwas, TZP not making it to Oscars; these movies were definitely as good as SDM but you forget one important thing here, they were competing in Foreign Films category while SDM comes in the mainstream Hollywood category. There is just one category for non-Hollywood films from all over the world and hence the competition is also higher. Just like non-Maharashtra candidates competing for those 15% seats through CET!
    The reason why there is so much value to Oscars in India is that most people here believe Oscars to be more fair and credible than likes of Filmfare. It’s not about getting recognized by goras, it’s about getting recognized at international level.

  2. it’s funny how we like screwing around with the title of the movie, no? i tried slumPig gazillionaire, but ur choice of closer-to-home words seems more interesting 😛
    btw, what’s the hindi word for ‘slum’? try that na..
    in closing,
    Jai Ho

  3. @Sanket..yeah u r rite dude..I missed on other numbers frm SDM..infact I liked “O Saaya” really didn’t appeal me much…

    @P..its one of the fav TP to convert the name..and trust me it always is a fun..just one example..there is one caste in Marathis..KARMARKAR…change it to english..and u will get DODIEDO..lolzzz…(No offense)..Hindi for Slum is jopadpatti…

  4. well, yea..its been over hyped agree..but we think it dat ways cuz we see dat condition and environment every moment in our country and dats y soo used to it dat it doesnt mke a difference in our way of thinking..B U T the same being exposed to the other countries of the world is the deal..they understand it better than the indians cuz its unusual for them…i gues ds is it behind the succecc of SDM

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