Day: March 18, 2009

Director’s cut…

There was one institute..Vymbiosis institute of Technology Information..located in was hard time of recession..and half of the final year batch was un placed even though they were on verge of becoming an MBA from this Premier TI- B skool….never mind..student were very brave and were facing this tough scenario with aplomb but somehow in zest to find a suitable opportunity they were not able to attend the classes regularly..some were also taking this job finding as excuse and were having fun..but they were very less in number…one fine day..suddenly there was a notice flashing on the notice board, declaring names of students who were having attendance less than 75%..ohhh what..every one was worried..biting nails..banging there heads..still they felt ummm..director will understand the situation..and will leave it this time…but some how..destiny had some other plans..students of this “Premier TI B skool” known as VITI..were not that lucky..there director was more interested in having one to one meet with student just to scold them and then eventually sign on there examination forms, whose submission was block until you have a chat with the diro..and this whole thing took two days of student, director, and everyone..

Sad part is that when director was suppose to be involved in activities like finding new opportunities for her students and making sure that they are at least placed..or for that matter at least a chance to track a new company..she was busy scolding the students, asking them to write apology letter and stuff like that..never mind..students of VITI “Premier TI B skool” are resourceful enough to find an opportunity for them self..coming 4th April student of this institute will graduate as an MBA..and will be slogging hard in the rough weather prevailing in the industry..but they will survive..but the only point which bothers is that the time when they were looking up to the saviour for some help they got non-cooperation…what respect these student will carry for their Alma mater in future…case is wide you have some opinion????