Month: April 2009

Who’s your favourite??

who's your fav??

Its almost one week (correct me if I am wrong..) since IPL-2 started off amidst lots of fan fare and confusion prevailing over 2nd edition of the game. To be very clear..I have always been a hard core Basket ball player through out my student life ..and never liked cricket as compared to the cult like following this game commands from an Indian. Still..somehow I feel that people like me who are restless and want quick result..T20 is the best remedy…I hope this shrinking of overs dosen’t continue anymore else one situation will come like TOSS-TOSS where captains will come do the toss and whoever wins the toss is the winner..I know I know a good hard joke..but just think how much fun it will be..and ofcourse so much of time will be saved of our country men..anways..I don’t want to sing song about my crap philosophy…this time some how I am following IPL-2 and felt that cricket is not that bad as a game…but every time I watch a match..I feel that I am lost..with every one playing in everyone’s team.I just don’t know which player is playing in which team..for a novice like me..Ravi Bopara can be a player from some part of UP when suddenly I am scolded by my flat-mate that “sale yeh to England ka player hai…”…eeesssshh..sorry sorry Mr.Ravi Bopara..your name sounds more like Irfaan’s character in Dil Kabaadi where he was called Sweety Bopara by his beloved….

People have their own some one is following Mumbai Indians..some one is vouching for Delhi..and so on..idiots like me..keep changing their loyalty with every match..I get a good stare from my flat-mates..if even by mistake also I land up saying that “Mumbai Indians to har jayegi..”..but really I haven’t decided my loyalty yet…in fact I sometime really hate that there is no team from UP and Bihar…really its so sad that there is no team from you home state (in my case its UP)…just Kolkattas knight riders..competing UP’s Bhaiya XI..or Bihar’s DubeyXI….never mind…I will surely try to launch one if get that much of money sometime in future..coming to the point now…IPL2..ummm…this time I feel that I am pitching for Rajasthan Royals..although I know that they are not the hot favourites this time (neither they were last time)…but still what I like about them is the way they Marshall their resources…no big-big names (as compared to other teams)..some how I feel that they are the one to upset any team at any point of team…anyways…I want them to retain their title..Come on..HALLA BOL…


Interested in IPL????

The Great political drama...
The Great political drama...

Well its one week since I have donned cap of an employed person,  since last month or two..two things driving this whole nation crazy is IPL and IPL…yeah..don’t worry not a repetition is of course Indian Premier League and the other one is Indian Political League, hold on that’s not my discovery of’s all media given..I don’t have much clue what I want to share with you all regarding these two phenomenon sweeping every nook and corner of country…but I am sure that I am always interested in stats related to politics and various political parties, taking each other head-on in this dirty political arena..Watching after poll analyst has always been somehow catching my attention…never mind…everyone should get their part of are these election analyst…who spring out of there hidden adobe after every five years…make their prediction and then fade away……just like frogs come out in rain.

This time also I am as usual interested in result of elections that which party will form the government??…but one thing is strange this time..I just can’t make it that which party is in which alliance…unlike previous version of political saga..this time around every where there is a situation of mayhem…in the news I watch in the night..I come to know regarding some ABC alliance..and when in the morning I read the newspaper..I  again come to know that there is some new ‘Re-alignment’…bosss…who is with whom….this flirting of political parties with each other is really funny…but who gives the dam to these elections…right???…if your answer is Yes…Then I am sorry..that you are one of the most irresponsible citizen of this country…time and again our hopeless kind of attitude towards Indian politics has led to mushrooming of these small time parties which now will be playing role of kingmakers in the centre…every time a government is formed it gives you a feeling as if one new patient with plasters all over the body has been admitted to this hospital of democracy..With each bone broken…that’s how I look towards the politics of alliance…

Worst part is that we all who are part of great Indian middle class..are always complaining about problems, problems and only problems…and somehow..I feel that this segment of society just feels itself as an insulated class from problems..(Worst part is that they are the most affected…) the only point I want to make out of this post of that go out and vote…stop appeasing yourself that “Kya farak padta hai….”..I know everything sounds like a cliché..but ..this  thought was going in my mind since quite long…that..what’s the value of one vote..for some, day of election is just another holiday to enjoy…I don’t know what I am writing here is right or wrong…but by not voting..I feel we are doing injustice to ourselves…ok ok..feeling like an activist now…but seriously..its high come out of our comfort zone..and think for the future of this country…(no matter even if it’s a negligible thought of small gravity..but what matter is that at least you are thinking..) else you never know that next terrorist  attack might happen under your nose….with many more Kasab’s ready to injure you…vote for a secure for any cause close to your heart..but do vote….

Rahul!!!….yes boss

13th April 2009…first day of my office life..feeling great to have job in such tough times.. specially when everyone is trying to save themselves from stings of recession..nevermind morning 9 A.M and I am sitting in the simmering hot dabba (PMT buses in Pune)..suddenly I started feeling so grown more snoozing off the more rushing to mess for the more asking the roomies for what lectures we are having more fixing time to meet your special one..only thing remains is rushing to quest to reach on time..first day of my corporate life..hmmm..what to say..reached office on time..felt as if I have entered into my enmies territory because of the look everyone gave..but its happens..then you start looking for someone you roomie, no class mates…only pairs of eyes staring at you with so many questions..anyhow..I kept waiting for almost for 30 minutes..after which I got my desktop which will be my battlefield for coming months…got my outlook configured, messanger ready, official id done (it gives you so much sense of pride to have an official mail id)..and then finally got the documents from induction point of view..Rahul beta ho ja know what..its hell lot of difficult to sit continuously for so many hours on that same chair..specially when you are straight out  of the college..with me it was like after every few minutes I was reminding myself that boss this is the life now..teach ‘them’ to rest on the chair..or perish…:( other option..lunch time came..went out for lunch..came back again kept reading the same document..and trust me afternoon time should be kept as best employee competition..I mean to say that if a company has to judge who is the best active employee then this is the time..boss aise neend aati hai na..that, only that person knows who is straight out of lunch and sitting on the chair…some how I handeled myself from falling asleep..and kept reminding that student life is over..its Rahul 3.0 now…evening came, time to gulp cup of tea..then again after 1 hr one more cup of tea..its 6 PM time to wrap up..and day one is over….frankly speaking it was an ok type day..nothing great..but one thing is sure..that student life is over…but every now and then I was missing that special one..without whose support my success was not when I have entered into this new phase of my life..I would like to dedicate this important day of my life to that special one..:)…now..its time to enjoy the corporate culture..time to remould myself..time to get pushed in this hustle-bustle of the city buses..over all time to realize your new dreams..welcome Mr.Rahul…time to change your gears…and time to say thanks to my life…for making this journey a beautiful one..