Interested in IPL????

The Great political drama...
The Great political drama...

Well its one week since I have donned cap of an employed person,  since last month or two..two things driving this whole nation crazy is IPL and IPL…yeah..don’t worry not a repetition is of course Indian Premier League and the other one is Indian Political League, hold on that’s not my discovery of’s all media given..I don’t have much clue what I want to share with you all regarding these two phenomenon sweeping every nook and corner of country…but I am sure that I am always interested in stats related to politics and various political parties, taking each other head-on in this dirty political arena..Watching after poll analyst has always been somehow catching my attention…never mind…everyone should get their part of are these election analyst…who spring out of there hidden adobe after every five years…make their prediction and then fade away……just like frogs come out in rain.

This time also I am as usual interested in result of elections that which party will form the government??…but one thing is strange this time..I just can’t make it that which party is in which alliance…unlike previous version of political saga..this time around every where there is a situation of mayhem…in the news I watch in the night..I come to know regarding some ABC alliance..and when in the morning I read the newspaper..I  again come to know that there is some new ‘Re-alignment’…bosss…who is with whom….this flirting of political parties with each other is really funny…but who gives the dam to these elections…right???…if your answer is Yes…Then I am sorry..that you are one of the most irresponsible citizen of this country…time and again our hopeless kind of attitude towards Indian politics has led to mushrooming of these small time parties which now will be playing role of kingmakers in the centre…every time a government is formed it gives you a feeling as if one new patient with plasters all over the body has been admitted to this hospital of democracy..With each bone broken…that’s how I look towards the politics of alliance…

Worst part is that we all who are part of great Indian middle class..are always complaining about problems, problems and only problems…and somehow..I feel that this segment of society just feels itself as an insulated class from problems..(Worst part is that they are the most affected…) the only point I want to make out of this post of that go out and vote…stop appeasing yourself that “Kya farak padta hai….”..I know everything sounds like a cliché..but ..this  thought was going in my mind since quite long…that..what’s the value of one vote..for some, day of election is just another holiday to enjoy…I don’t know what I am writing here is right or wrong…but by not voting..I feel we are doing injustice to ourselves…ok ok..feeling like an activist now…but seriously..its high come out of our comfort zone..and think for the future of this country…(no matter even if it’s a negligible thought of small gravity..but what matter is that at least you are thinking..) else you never know that next terrorist  attack might happen under your nose….with many more Kasab’s ready to injure you…vote for a secure for any cause close to your heart..but do vote….


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