Who’s your favourite??

who's your fav??

Its almost one week (correct me if I am wrong..) since IPL-2 started off amidst lots of fan fare and confusion prevailing over 2nd edition of the game. To be very clear..I have always been a hard core Basket ball player through out my student life ..and never liked cricket as compared to the cult like following this game commands from an Indian. Still..somehow I feel that people like me who are restless and want quick result..T20 is the best remedy…I hope this shrinking of overs dosen’t continue anymore else one situation will come like TOSS-TOSS where captains will come do the toss and whoever wins the toss is the winner..I know I know a good hard joke..but just think how much fun it will be..and ofcourse so much of time will be saved of our country men..anways..I don’t want to sing song about my crap philosophy…this time some how I am following IPL-2 and felt that cricket is not that bad as a game…but every time I watch a match..I feel that I am lost..with every one playing in everyone’s team.I just don’t know which player is playing in which team..for a novice like me..Ravi Bopara can be a player from some part of UP when suddenly I am scolded by my flat-mate that “sale yeh to England ka player hai…”…eeesssshh..sorry sorry Mr.Ravi Bopara..your name sounds more like Irfaan’s character in Dil Kabaadi where he was called Sweety Bopara by his beloved….

People have their own loyalty..like some one is following Mumbai Indians..some one is vouching for Delhi..and so on..idiots like me..keep changing their loyalty with every match..I get a good stare from my flat-mates..if even by mistake also I land up saying that “Mumbai Indians to har jayegi..”..but really I haven’t decided my loyalty yet…in fact I sometime really hate that there is no team from UP and Bihar…really its so sad that there is no team from you home state (in my case its UP)…just imagine..like Kolkattas knight riders..competing UP’s Bhaiya XI..or Bihar’s DubeyXI….never mind…I will surely try to launch one if get that much of money sometime in future..coming to the point now…IPL2..ummm…this time I feel that I am pitching for Rajasthan Royals..although I know that they are not the hot favourites this time (neither they were last time)…but still what I like about them is the way they Marshall their resources…no big-big names (as compared to other teams)..some how I feel that they are the one to upset any team at any point of team…anyways…I want them to retain their title..Come on..HALLA BOL…


2 thoughts on “Who’s your favourite??

    1. are ha..yaar..everyday I open my blog’s dashboard..and take a vow tht today will write something…but it remains a vow only…nevermind…few things are in mind..lets c..when it will c lite of the day….

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