Month: June 2009

T20…in exams…;)

Cricket has reached exciting levels with the introduction of twenty twenty. If the same thing was Infused into exams, it would have been something like this :-

1. Reduce exam duration to 1 hr and marks to 50.

2. Introduce strategic break after 30 minutes.

3. Give free hit, that is a chance for students to frame their own questions and write answers.

4. 1st 15 minutes power play, that is no invigilator in the exam hall.

(Wow I will love this!)

5. Introduce fair play awards.

6.Cheer girls to cheer for every correct answer written!

Nice ha…wht say???


Half Bucket pani….

Just straight away from gym..all drenched in sweat..the only thing you will look for a quick shower…but today..things were not suppose to happen the way I perceived..Sampan went to take shower..lucky almost one and half bucket to wipe away his dirt ;)…and then the ordeal started…

Sampan : ” Aish karo salo pani gaya…”
In chorus (me and Saurabh) : “WHATTTTTT???”….yes this is the way you tend to react when you have no water to take bath..and on the top of that you are getting late…..
Me: “Aub kya ho ga yaar…” (just scratching my head…before doing anything…) and as usual..that gave saurabh enough time to dodge me and run straight in that highly priced territory known as bathroom…
Saurabh: “ye ye..I still have half bucket water”…(shit man itni gareebi…that we are getting excited on just half bucket water)..
Me : “not done…not done..”
and the worst part was that water was still coming in the washroom….
Saurabh : “Yaar ek kam karte hai…washroom wale tap se pani bhar lete hai…(in teasing way)”
Me : “Sale…yahi bacha hai life mein abhi…”
now the hunt began for water…and finally we zeroed down upon our water filter….yes good old two chamber water filter of monolithic times…we came to an agreement that I will allow Saurabh to take water from the upper chamber ..and rest I will take water from lower chamber…( going to take bath from filtered water… 😉 )..
never mind..saurabh finally took bath from that “PRECIOUS” half bucket pani…and came out frm the bathroom as if he has won silver medal for India in Olympics…(yeah GOld was left for me 😉 )…

Saurabh : ” Yehhh..naha liya…sabun (Soap) bhi lagaya…”
It was looking like as if some truth or dare game is taking place..and we had been given some kind of dare to perform…now the it was my turn to win that Olympic gold (I told you na that Gold was left for me)…with heart full of determination..and mind full of confidence..and…bus bus..jada ho gaya…I went inside..and after almost 20 minutes came out of war zone with similar feeling of victory..
Saurabh : “Ho gaya?”
Me: : “Yes…”
Saurabh : “To itna khush kyo hai???”
Me: “Beta…I took bath scrubbed my body with soap..and also shampooed my hairs (which I know are non existent now)…”

yes..I mean it…only half bucket pani…and I did all my surprise everything was perfect…and all the way to my office I kept patting my back…that at least I have something to boast off…that I can lay my claim on that coveted title…that I can say…that..Yes..I am also a successful manager now…

I never loved you anyway…

Hmmmm..headphone clamped on the head..listening to different numbers mainly remixes to make sure that I am awake and alive while doing my office work..I bumped in this track by The-Corrs..named..”I Never loved you anyway”…wow..there was such an energy in this song..that played this song for two times more…couldn’t stop myself from posting the video and the lyrics of the track…I guess this song is priamrily aimed for girls..going through a heart break..but anyone can have their own goes the song….check it out 🙂

You bored me with your stories
I cant belive that I endured you for as long as I did
Im happy its over, Im only sorry
That I didnt make the move before you

And when you go I will remember
To send a thankyou note to that girl oh that girl
I see shes holding you so tender
Well I just wanna say…
Just wanna say

I never really loved you anyway
No I didnt love you anyway
I never really loved you anyway
Im so glad youre moving away

Valentino, I dont think so
You watching mtv while I lie dreaming in an mt bed
And come to think of it
I was misled
My flat, my food, my everything
And thoughts inside my head

Before you go I must remember
To have a quiet word with that girl
Oh that girl
Does she know youre not a spender?
Well I just have to say…
Just wanna say

I never really loved you anyway
No I didnt love you anyway
I never really loved you anyway
Im so glad youre moving away
Yeah, I am
Yeah, I am

And when you go I will remember
I must remember to say…
I never really loved you anyway
No I didnt love you anyway
I never really loved you anyway
I never really loved you anyway
I never loved you anyway
No I didnt love you anyway
Never truly loved you anyway
Im so happy youre moving away
Yeah Im delighted youre moving away


Now..that’s a news…Microsoft coming up with its new search engine called,nothing great in that, experts are saying that Bing is more of spruced up version of MS’s already existing Live platform. Never mind…but what caught my attention was..that the word ‘Sex’..(one of the most tabooed one in India) completely’s the message which it throws up when you just type the word “SEX” in this search engine…

The search sex may return sexually explicit content.
To get results, change your search terms.


The worst part (for parents it might be the best 😉 ) is that these kind of self censorship used by MS is applicable in few countries including our own land of Kamasutra-India along with countries in middle east region and many more…Now what to say..I mean in this era..when every one is accepting that we as Indian have moved on to except the under hidden things as part of our day to day life..then why this?? I was seriously shocked when I saw this..but but but…there’s a catch again…if you are really hell bent on searching “SEX”..then no problem..simple way to do this is change the country, like change from INDIA to US or UK and turn the filter off..and then your staple diet of this three letter dish..will start flowing in…sounds ridiculous…I am still smiling..I don’t know what lies in future for Bing..but one thing is sure..that it will heat up the search engine market dominated by Google and Yahoo!..

On look wise..although not doing a review here..but I must admit that the front page is really catchy..there’s something which even I can’t figure it out..which catches your attention immediately…still in beta version, there’s long distance to cover for MS’s baby…hope to see some shaking up of monopoly of Google’s hold in market..(not because I don’t like GOOGLE, but its like I wan’t to see some change)..Interresting time to come..enjoy sexing up with Bing…BINGooooo 🙂



After two years of “Hard Work” (don’t laugh ha..)….today finally I got the news which I was waiting since ages…I passed my 4th sem MBA exam..and finally bringing the curtain down on this eventful show called ‘life at SCIT’…no more apprehension for exam more slogging hard on the eve of an exam…no more looking for those shortcuts to learn a long answer..everything will only be a tale now to share sometime later in life…

It’s making me a bit nostalgic…(what’s new in that..I am always..;) )…once I heard my result…in my was officially end of my student life..for some it was finally they got there value for their four to five lacs..:P…sitting in front of my desktop..staring at this mundane screen..I wonder this what I was aspiring for…??? Am I fit for such a routine like a machine…really no idea, still trying to figure out an answer, lets see.

Nothing much, I just want to say congrats to all my buddies..specially my roomies..for coming out of this journey called MBA successfully…I will just pray..that slowly we reach our goals (although that’s never goals keep changing..and so is your destiny..)…what more to’s been almost 48 days since I have started working…and just getting hold of things…feels like running back again to that tension free comfort of hostel room..but its all history now….never mind…the show must go on…god bless us…