Now..that’s a news…Microsoft coming up with its new search engine called,nothing great in that, experts are saying that Bing is more of spruced up version of MS’s already existing Live platform. Never mind…but what caught my attention was..that the word ‘Sex’..(one of the most tabooed one in India) completely’s the message which it throws up when you just type the word “SEX” in this search engine…

The search sex may return sexually explicit content.
To get results, change your search terms.


The worst part (for parents it might be the best 😉 ) is that these kind of self censorship used by MS is applicable in few countries including our own land of Kamasutra-India along with countries in middle east region and many more…Now what to say..I mean in this era..when every one is accepting that we as Indian have moved on to except the under hidden things as part of our day to day life..then why this?? I was seriously shocked when I saw this..but but but…there’s a catch again…if you are really hell bent on searching “SEX”..then no problem..simple way to do this is change the country, like change from INDIA to US or UK and turn the filter off..and then your staple diet of this three letter dish..will start flowing in…sounds ridiculous…I am still smiling..I don’t know what lies in future for Bing..but one thing is sure..that it will heat up the search engine market dominated by Google and Yahoo!..

On look wise..although not doing a review here..but I must admit that the front page is really catchy..there’s something which even I can’t figure it out..which catches your attention immediately…still in beta version, there’s long distance to cover for MS’s baby…hope to see some shaking up of monopoly of Google’s hold in market..(not because I don’t like GOOGLE, but its like I wan’t to see some change)..Interresting time to come..enjoy sexing up with Bing…BINGooooo 🙂


5 thoughts on “BINGoooooo…

  1. Mmmmmmm Beautiful mashups but it’s too early to say Bing is better than Google or not, it surely will eat into other’s pie.”.Though with the arrival of BING google needs to be pushed to try innovating new things.(google square sucks as of now :P)

    1. Thnks :)…yeah..any competition related to Google is always interesting to observe..lets this much touted search engine fares in this already fragmented search engine market..

  2. well, pretty informative..n dat part of searching out after making changes is damn funny..n i gues its dat 3D wallpaper of the front page whuch is very subtle though wid dark colours dat atracting our attention..BUT duno..:)

    1. I guess you are right..that wallpaper is really making the difference..and thts not static..the background keeps changing as well…:)

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