Half Bucket pani….

Just straight away from gym..all drenched in sweat..the only thing you will look for a quick shower…but today..things were not suppose to happen the way I perceived..Sampan went to take shower..lucky guy..got almost one and half bucket to wipe away his dirt ;)…and then the ordeal started…

Sampan : ” Aish karo salo pani gaya…”
In chorus (me and Saurabh) : “WHATTTTTT???”….yes this is the way you tend to react when you have no water to take bath..and on the top of that you are getting late…..
Me: “Aub kya ho ga yaar…” (just scratching my head…before doing anything…) and as usual..that gave saurabh enough time to dodge me and run straight in that highly priced territory known as bathroom…
Saurabh: “ye ye..I still have half bucket water”…(shit man itni gareebi…that we are getting excited on just half bucket water)..
Me : “not done…not done..”
and the worst part was that water was still coming in the washroom….
Saurabh : “Yaar ek kam karte hai…washroom wale tap se pani bhar lete hai…(in teasing way)”
Me : “Sale…yahi bacha hai life mein abhi…”
now the hunt began for water…and finally we zeroed down upon our water filter….yes good old two chamber water filter of monolithic times…we came to an agreement that I will allow Saurabh to take water from the upper chamber ..and rest I will take water from lower chamber…(yo..baby..me going to take bath from filtered water… 😉 )..
never mind..saurabh finally took bath from that “PRECIOUS” half bucket pani…and came out frm the bathroom as if he has won silver medal for India in Olympics…(yeah GOld was left for me 😉 )…

Saurabh : ” Yehhh..naha liya…sabun (Soap) bhi lagaya…”
It was looking like as if some truth or dare game is taking place..and we had been given some kind of dare to perform…now the it was my turn to win that Olympic gold (I told you na that Gold was left for me)…with heart full of determination..and mind full of confidence..and…bus bus..jada ho gaya…I went inside..and after almost 20 minutes came out of war zone with similar feeling of victory..
Saurabh : “Ho gaya?”
Me: : “Yes…”
Saurabh : “To itna khush kyo hai???”
Me: “Beta…I took bath scrubbed my body with soap..and also shampooed my hairs (which I know are non existent now)…”

yes..I mean it…only half bucket pani…and I did all this..to my surprise everything was perfect…and all the way to my office I kept patting my back…that at least I have something to boast off…that I can lay my claim on that coveted title…that I can say…that..Yes..I am also a successful manager now…


3 thoughts on “Half Bucket pani….

    1. yeah..you are right in your analysis..thx for your appreciation for my mgmt skills ;)..was really a tough job indeed to use tht half bucket water

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