The best moments of life..

Sitting alone…I was wondering that there are so many moments in life which we love to remember ..which becomes best moments of our life which we want to live again and again..Here are few moments which I feel are the best one to re-live.

  • Making someone feel special
  • Catching up with your old school friend and revisiting all your memories of school
  • Waking up in morning with a realization that for next two days you will not go to office..yes the weekend is here
  • Getting pass marks, when you expected to flunk
  • Suddenly getting a call from your beloved when you were just not expecting that to happen
  • Your first kiss
  • Cracking your first job interview and landing up with your first job.
  • Your first salary
  • Sitting on a beach watching the waves with peace in your heart
  • your first love letter
  • Few words of praise from your parents
  • Getting a movie ticket of a blockbuster on first weekend of release that too at half the rate
  • Those long bike trips on never ending highways
  • Moments when your heart beats skips just by a simple look of that girl who drives your crazy
  • Waiting on airport to see your friend/beloved/parents after a long long time
  • That first rain of monsoons when everywhere you can feel that earthy smell
  • That tight and warm hug from your beloved, that too when it was not expected
  • Helping some one out of some trouble, specially when the person you helping is a complete stranger to you
  • Receiving an email on confirmation of your placement
  • Time when you prepared all the way for a tough test and at the last moment that test got canceled (at least I love I was never prepared with my tests)
  • Those late night gossiping in the corridor of the hostel
  • Talking on cell with your girl friend till the break of dawn and realizing that in few hours you need to rush for your classes

Similarly there are so many which I would love to write about, but then these are few which were coming to my mind and titillating me…What’s your one??


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