And The Plight Continues..

“75 police jawans massacred by maoist”-headline disturbing enough to give your day a shaky start. For many of us these incidents are normal. We just shun it off pondering “where the hell these places exist in India”. I don’t know about others, but for me at least it’s very disturbing, am not trying to portray my self as the ultimate Indian citizen, but trying to understand the path on which our nation is heading towards.

Today as a nation we are challenged both internally as well as externally. But will it be like this always? We bloody Indians are just a soft targets for every one. No Conviction, No Action, No Vision nothing. These bunch of people who claim them selves to be communist are playing with government without any hitch. Are we that weak?

Some where I have doubt about my future, about the answer to this question that are we safe? Why can’t India act like Sri Lankan government which uprooted the complete LTTE? Why can’t terror attacks and terrorist be handled in a way they are tackled by a small country like Israel?

I am just an average Indian, can only express my anguish, wish we can have some iron guts to reply back to questions in a convincing manner..other wise I can now confidently say..that yes this whole mammoth country is only surviving because of those 2 millions god we worship…


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