The Uncertainty..

Past midnight, there’s something which is stirring my thoughts. That something is what I have decided to term as uncertainty. Sometimes life keeps throwing question at your face and who have to scramble for the answer in fact not just answer but the best one. Since last three months or so, I am doing the same, everyday facing a new question and then trying to sort it out, Phew!
New City, new people, new environment in fact everything from professional to personal life has taken new dimension and somehow my soul just can’t resist these whole sale changes which keeps coming to my life after a certain period of time.
The restlessness which I have been going through, needs to be contained now, to an extent where I can start thinking beyond the obvious. May be I am writing this as kind of reminder to my own self that its nothing brave to term that life is a challenge, but what matters is that how you tackle this challenge known as life.  Few people are crushed, few keep struggling and few find their way to handle these challenges. WOooha…I know I know, I am being a bit too clinical about life.
Hmmm…seems like the uncertain period needs to get some answer, and I feel that answer is lying somewhere within me and not only that, I even feel that somewhere I know what’s the answer 🙂 .
All those reading this post please don’t curse me for writing this post with no direction, but some how I need to remind myself, that it’s all about being quick with life, else you will be left far behind in your own phony world, and I am doing the same, trying to be real quick. Time to hit the sheets, good night.


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