Some one said that life is a festival celebrate it, while I write Barfi’s review, this quote is what echoing within me. Yes after watching movie like Ek Tha Tiger which apparently shook my faith in Bollywood movies. I almost took a decision not to watch any Bollywood flick until a movie is something like Gangs of wasseypur types. But then your brain can only decide it’s the heart which takes the final shot, and I just came back from a mesmerizing cinematic experience known as BARFI!


This movie is about a guy named “Barfi” [Ranbeer Kapoor] who is deaf and mute but still he is more expressive than normal human beings living in Darjeeling. Essentially Barfi is all about his bonding with other two main characters of movie Shruti [Ileana D’Cruz] and Jhilmil [Priyanka Chopra] which essentially drives the movie.

People might try to slot this movie in some genre, but I feel this movie can’t fit in one single genre, but yes I do believe that romance is something which can be felt in majority of the frames in this movie. Beauty of Barfi lies in the fact is that it’s not a movie which preaches about helping physically challenged people.

Barfi falls in love with gorgeous Shruti (who is already engaged), although Barfi can’t listen or speak, but still Shruti likes his company. Although Barfi is no match to Shruti who is from an affluent family where as Barfi’s father works as a driver. Shruti inspite of being in love with Barfi gets married to a different guy and moves on to Calcutta. Story moves on and brings together Barfi and Jhilmil who is suffering from Autism. Overall movie revolves around various incident happening around these three characters and how they keep  converging in each others path.


No-where this movie tries to invoke sympathy from audience toward the character of Barfi and Jhilmil, from the word go they will grab you and will take you in their beautiful world. Performance wise I must say Ranbeer Kapoor has out-done himself. When Rock star came I felt it to be his career best performance which wont be repeated again, but as Barfi he has proved again that he is ready now to take on the reigning khans etc. Can you believe that he has not spoken a single dialogue or did some heroic stunt or typical latka and jhataks, yet he delivers like a heavy-duty performer. Watch out for a sequence where Barfi goes to meet Shruti’s dad, people actually clapped for this sequence. It’s will surely bring  tears in your eyes.

Priyanka and Ileana have played their part with full conviction and brilliance. You will fall in love with both of these characters. Ileana as Shruti will spell-bound you with her beauty and dignity, whereas Priyanka as Jhilmil will surely win your heart.

Many sequence will surely moisten up your eyes. Music plays a crucial role in the whole narrative with some soulful track you just feel like as if you are watching some one drawing a beautiful picture! Specially this track “Phir le aya dil” will stir your deep hidden feelings of lost love.

Barfi is all about faith in love, if you love some one then tell them, stand by them and hold them, if they go then release them, its all about acceptance of your own emotions which we tend to ignore just because of some situation.

Through out this movie I had a strange smile on my face, at times my eyes were moist too, overall I left movie hall with a strange happiness in my heart, what else you want..if you can be happy!

Go and watch Barfi, specially if you have ever been in love, this movie ultimately emphasizes the fact that indeed…..Life IS beautiful.. 🙂


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