Month: October 2012

Electronic Podcast Episode 5

Ok people, so this is my first time when I am going to post my non-stop mash ups on my blog, Basically I like electronic dance music (a.k.a EDM) with tracks being belted out by professional DJ’s and producers across the globe.

Online streaming link

Rapidshare download link


For me music is THE stress buster, specially when it comes to trance, and some fast paced zippy numbers, so I have been creating non-stop mash ups since last one year or so, just to satisfy that creative urge within me.

This time around it’s a 2:30 Hrs marathon mix, with different genres of music from across the globe stitched seamlessly together. So what are you waiting for? just check it out and feed me back with your views 🙂



PS: This podcast is ideal for people going out for long drive, or a long run 😉 also I am not a pro DJ or

something, it’s just my hobby so please be lenient if you don’t find something good in this podcast 😉

Enjoy \m/

Stay Blessed. 🙂