Electroneum alternate to Bitcoin?

So this is going to be a slightly long post. I will explain the reasons why I have went all in on Electroneum, and why I see this as the ultimate crypto currency to invest in for the long run. I have read a lot of misinformation, a lot of misconceptions and misunderstanding about this project, so I have decided to tackle all of that and explain why I believe this crypto will be in the top 50 cryptos in the 6–12 months.

So before reading through, if you want to join Electroneum, please use the link below:

The problem that Electroneum will solve

So as you all know, for a successfull cryptocurrency to prosper, there must first be a problem that is being solved by the cryptocurrency. What electroneum solves in an elegant way is that it makes the access of cryptos accessible to the masses without any additional unnecessary hassles. You dont have to send your passport, make all the shenanigans to simply buy and hold a token. It appeals to the people that wants to get into the action right at the moment, and it does that with class. My background is in computer engineering and I am currently a software developer at a company. When I got into cryptos 4 months ago in June, my coworkers started to advice me not enter as they saw it as a bubble and it would burst etc etc. So the months went an, and I managed to turn a %350 return on my investment in 2 months. When my coworker that sat next behind me knew that, he was surprised and i saw the excitment in his eyes, he wanted to get in as well! So he asked me “How do I get hold of those Bitcoins?” I told him well, you need to first register to an exchange, send your details… etc (many steps). At that point he was more reluctant to invest — it was simply alot to do to get in the game. Fast forward 1 month, and I manage to make a %500 return on my investment. When he knew that, he said to me “Ok i dont give a crap how much it will take to get hold of those bitcoins, i just want to get in”. So i showed him all the steps, and he finally after some days of administrative work managed to get hold of 1 bitcoin, and is still holding it.

So, just imagine now — if the accessibility of cryptos gets much easier, how many will invest? I believe millions!!!!. We are naturally lazy, and we want to get into the action but with no effort, that is what electroneum will achieve. The massive viral widespread usage of electroneum will give the company legitimacy and it will give it a great amount of leverage to actually get in touch with the gambling/gaming companies for them to accept electronuem as a token for their services. Once the electroneum app has achieved hundreds of thousands of users, or millions, the gaming/gambling companies will pour them selves into electroneum because the gambling gaming communities actually do want for a way to monetize the people that have access to a smartphone but not a bank account. This way, the gaming/gambling communities will actually find a way to profit from that abundantly large group of people. This will increase the demand of electroneum ultimately in the long run. The need for micropayments to allow these groups of people to game/gamble is HUGE and once the electroneum app has gone viral, I believe it will be widely adopted by the top gambling/gaming companies out there because there is already a widespread usage of electroneum.

Can electroneum actually solve this problem?

Now that we know what problem electroneum is set to solve, the natural followup question is: Do they have what it takes to solve it?. Now that is a good and valid question to ask, and my answer to that question is simply — YES. So, why do I think they have the ability to solve that problem? First, once must ask, to get the viral adoption of an app/product, what is actually needed? Well, you need to have good marketing strategy, and more importantly, a team that has people that has a track-record of knowing how to do marketing, a team that sees marketing as a vital component in the total longevity of the product. These are all something that electroneum has and exceeds with! First, the CEO of electroneum Richard Ells has another company “Retortal” that has over 20 year
s of experience in doing marketing for companies that are in the top fortune 500 companies. This man lives and breathes marketing, his company is today worth 50 million dollars, so he knows his stuff. This is a very good first sign that the company is set to tackle the goal of getting the app virally adopted in the future. Furthermore, in the team of electroneum, there are 4 other members that have a long trackrecord of marketing, all ranging from social media marketing, to viral marketing strategists, PR marketing, promoting awareness and brand recognition and exposure. The members have over 15+ of experience in these domains of marketing, and most of them have already been working with Richard Ells in Retortal to levarage marketing solutions to many famous companies today. This is a very good sign that the team actually has what it takes to achieve their goals. They actually, legitimately have the knowledge, skillset and the manpower needed to put this app to viral use. They have the team that have been doing this successfully for so long, so they do have what it takes.

This is in my opinion enormous. I have been invested in multiple cryptos that wish to make their crypto product adopted by the masses, but they never really had the marketing know-how to achieve their goals. Take a look at SIA for instance, In essence, I think that SIA solves a very pertinent problem; namely, decentralized storage. This is a good usecase that has demand. But here is the problem with SIA, they dont invest in marketing! They simply dont think its important, they think it should grow organically. In june when I first began to invest, I went in with a enormous investment in SIA, and it actually went up to almost $600 million in market cap. But then it began to decline, and delcline, and decline, so I had to pull out with a loss. Today, it has gone down 84.25% from the top that it reached in June. The reason? Bad marketing/PR strategy. They simply did not invest in PR/Marketing! That was their nail in the coffin — for now. But with electroneum, they have the equivalent of the NBA All-star team of marketing strategists that will tackle every aspect of marketing that is needed to make this product viral. These guys actually have a track-record, so we know they can deliver. Furthermore, they think that marketing is actually a vital thing to have in a crypto — something that many cryptos dont care about! Overall, I think that they are currently in a much more superior state than many of the existing cryptos today, and more importantly, I think that they are more than capable of solving their proposed problem.

Price forecast

I have an educated guess on the future price of electronuem, and I think it is very like that we achieve that goal. First, we need to understand that we are currently in a huge crypto market boom. According to the veteran trader “Francis Hunt” — a guy that has traded FX for 30+ years and have recently joined the cryptospace and smashed in hoardes of profit, he has stated that the marketcap will reach around 1 trillion dollars by the end of 2018. This is based on the variety of asset managers that he is working with, and he knows his stuff. So simply by virtue of a 5–7 expanding market in the cryptospace, we can assume that the volume will on average increase with 5–7 times for the top cryptocurrencies. With that in mind, if the viral adoption of electroneum will be a fact (which I think is extremely likely) I think that this will increase the value of the coin with atleast x20 times within the first 12 months of its launch.

So if we assume a conservative hypothesis of a 1 trillion marketcap by the end of 2018, and the success of the viral adoption of electroneum and the ongoing collabs with gaming/gambling companies, I can easily see a x50 — x70 on this coin within the first 12 months of its launch, meaning a coin valuation of $0.5 or around $0.7. This is very achievable. We need to understand that we are in an expanding market. just look at what monero for instance was valued at dec 2015, it was ~$2 million dollars. Today, $1350 million dollars, which is an increase of 270 times! This trend will most likely continue.


So to conclude my statements, I think that across all ICO’s that exist, this is definately the most promising one out there, electroneum simply seem to have everything that needs to make this project a home run! They have the problem to be solved, which is clearly stated, the perfect dreamteam to solve it, the skillset the manpower and the experience to achieve it! Unlike 90% of all cryptos out there, they know the power of marketing, they know how important it is for the longevity of the crypto product and the need for it to be mass adopted out there. They have their minds on the right track. I have never really invested in an ICO before because 99% of them are scams. I have neither went all in a crypto before, let alone an ICO — this serves as a token of my uncompromising commitment to electroneum and my evangelical enthusiasm to get its benefits to the masses that are on the edge of investing in it but have some questions or doubts! This project will be a homerun — mark my words.

Finally.. if this article served you any purpose, answered any of your questions or made any benefit to you at all, feel free to sign up via my referral link:


Great reward comes with great risk, lets ride this together!


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