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This is for you my life..:)


After a long hiatus..I finally decided to write something..it is about a person in my life who has been catylitic to so many changes in my life..and this post of mine is dedicated to that individual……it’s just my gratitude towards that person who taught me lessons of handling a relationship, how to deal with your unjustified expectations, how to deal with insecurity, how to deal with ego..dont worry I didnt join any crash course of  ” Handling a relationship in 30 days”…but all this just happened just because of that person being in my life…sometimes I feel to be blessed to have that person in my life…
Now I feel that how wrong I was about myself…people around you keep teaching you something or other..that’s why never ignore your best friend’s advice…never shun off the suggestion given by your loved ones..they do have some point to make..because they are the ones who understand you the most…

One individual can make huge impact in your life and same thing is happening with me, with this adorable personality around me, no one is perfect so is this center point of my life..but I love that person as she is…
Her shimmering beauty, her shear presence makes all the difference in the life..I don’t know what to say…but friend you have changed my life forever…I have no words left to describe my feelings…I even don’t know why I am writing this post..but something is changing withing me…may be I am a better individual now…

Thanks my life…….god bless you….:)


Trip to Kashid beach..

It was on 5th June 2008..that we decided to go for the weekend off…but the million dollar

question was ? where we should go?…

well we decided for two things
1)- Trekking (one day trip with girls included).
2)- Beach exploration.

total 14 people were brimming with excitement for the trip (as usual in beginning there are loads of them to follow..)..but by end of the meeting there were only 7 of us left (only boys) for the trip…and place which found its position on our radar was Kashid beach.

The Beach front..
The team (which later turned on to be the team of so called war fighting soldiers, because of trip’s straining quality ) was..
Ashutosh, Shrinidhi, VIshal, Subu, Sharif, Prashant, and of course me :)..

About Kashid

Kashid is a beach town on the shores of Arabian Sea, in the North Konkan region of Maharashtra, India. It is located 30km from Alibag and 135km from Mumbai on the Alibag-Murud road.
Kashid is popular mainly because of its white sand, blue seas, green mountains, paddy fields, and rivulets. Kashid has a 3 km stretch of beach tucked in between two rocky hillocks with Casuarina groves all around the seashore. This is by far the best beach in this part of the Konkan region and though absolutely deserted on weekdays, the town can attract its fair share of week-end holiday makers. There are a few of small hotels in Kashid as the rest of the area is privately owned.

The waves here are unusually high and can be paradise for surfing. The waves can reach a height 5-6 feet even during the non-monsoon months. However it is dangerously high during the monsoons and surfing is not recommending during the months of June to September.

we hired a Travera for our trip..@ Rs 4500/- for complete trip

All set for the adventure..

another important question-ways to reach this scintillating place. To reach Kashid one can opt among the two choices

  • 170 km from Pune (via Mulshi)
  • Around 170-180 Km from Pune (via Khopoli – Mumbai Pune Expressway)

The Mulshi route does not have the best of roads. If you go via Khopoli, the distance is more or less the same and you get to use the expressway for better part of the journey. The route goes like: Pune -> Express way to Mumbai (ask them for Khopoli exit, as you will pay lesser toll money) -> Keep cruising along the expressway till the Ghats -> In the Ghats, locate the Khopoli exit (it comes after the second tunnel) -> Reach Khopoli and from there take the road to Pen (may be marked as Alibaug as well) -> Once in Pen, pass through the town to reach Mumbai – Goa highway -> Keep moving towards Alibaug -> around 1-2 km before Alibaug, take a left on the highway, to a road for Murud or Revdanda -> From there, keep following the road towards Murud at every intersection -> Around 35-37 km after Alibau (approx 20 km before Murud) you will reach Kaashid…

we started off from Pune at around 6:30 PM and reached Kashid (via Mulshi) by 2 A.M (altough the time was bit too much but we also halted for our adrak(ginger) tea at the road side dhaba, then we had a dinner in which we had only arguments apart from dinner and wasted almost 1 hour to decide whether we should take our dinner at that place or not..and finally moved from that place without having dinner in a hope that once we reach Kashid we will have a delicious dinner waiting for us…).
Never mindwe reached our destination by 2 in the morning with heavy rain welcoming us..and our dream of dinner went for a toss when our cottage owner announced proudly that at this time of night he wont be able to arrange any thing for us..rat within our stomachs turned into big dinosaurs..at same time ‘praising’ our trip manager Mr Subu.

I never felt so helpless for food as I felt that day..we literally said that “Bhaiya kuch bhi khane ko de do..” (please arrange any damm thing to eat..) finally our cottage owner proved to be an angel as he said that “ok I can arrange for few packates of biscuits and few boiled eggs..” late we got something to move our jaws..and went to our beds by early morning..

In the backyard of our cottage..

finally we woke up in the morning ‘alive’ (because everyone so dead tired due to journey that people who were looking Columbus at the start of journey suddenly started feeling like a prisoner war..but still we went at the beach by 9 in the morning and had loads of fun..weather being cloudy, we enjoyed more..but one thing which i felt that one should never explore beach during rainy seasons..the sand was almost black making the water even look more dirtier..still we enjoyed to the core

after beach exploration we went back to our cottage to pack our bags..altough it may sound as if our trip was small but beaches at Kashid and Murud Janjira are really beautiful..and best part is that these beaches attracts less crowd (beacuse its located in a remote part ) that’s why you can find this place quite peaceful..unlike our return trip this time around we chose the express-way route..and trust me it turned out to be real icing on the cake, we felt that our return journey was the best part of our whole trip, as we were able to view some best part of our countryside and the beautiful view of Khandala-Lonavala (on Mumbai-Pune express way)

at the end of the trip we felt that indeed it was quite a good trip to go for..although the route we chose for our first time journey proved to be a bit energy soaking…but that what compensated by the later part of the exploration..

I will always remember this tour of mine because of few really nice friend I made (read Ashutosh, Shirnidhi, Prashant and Vishal)…and will hope that very soon I will be back to these virgin beaches..