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Now..that’s a news…Microsoft coming up with its new search engine called Bing.com,nothing great in that, experts are saying that Bing is more of spruced up version of MS’s already existing Live platform. Never mind…but what caught my attention was..that the word ‘Sex’..(one of the most tabooed one in India)..is completely prohibited..here’s the message which it throws up when you just type the word “SEX” in this search engine…

The search sex may return sexually explicit content.
To get results, change your search terms.


The worst part (for parents it might be the best 😉 ) is that these kind of self censorship used by MS is applicable in few countries including our own land of Kamasutra-India along with countries in middle east region and many more…Now what to say..I mean in this era..when every one is accepting that we as Indian have moved on to except the under hidden things as part of our day to day life..then why this?? I was seriously shocked when I saw this..but but but…there’s a catch again…if you are really hell bent on searching “SEX”..then no problem..simple way to do this is change the country, like change from INDIA to US or UK and turn the filter off..and then your staple diet of this three letter dish..will start flowing in…sounds ridiculous…I am still smiling..I don’t know what lies in future for Bing..but one thing is sure..that it will heat up the search engine market dominated by Google and Yahoo!..

On look wise..although not doing a review here..but I must admit that the front page is really catchy..there’s something which even I can’t figure it out..which catches your attention immediately…still in beta version, there’s long distance to cover for MS’s baby…hope to see some shaking up of monopoly of Google’s hold in market..(not because I don’t like GOOGLE, but its like I wan’t to see some change)..Interresting time to come..enjoy sexing up with Bing…BINGooooo 🙂


Gmail Labs

Most of you might be aware of Google labs. Just like real laboratory it’s a lab where Google keeps innovating new products and launching it for its users. Google labs can be accessed at labs.google.com.

well that was about already existing lab, but recently Google came up with Gmail labs. Now it is something related with new add-ons being offered by Google in its popular mail client Gmail. This mail client gained popularity because of its simplicity, but now it seems as if Google is all set to load this mail client with hoard of new features through this Gmail labs.

Currently this lab consist of number of “experiments” like Superstars, Quick Links, Picture in Chat, Fixed width font, Mouse gestures, Signature tweaks, Random signature, Custom date formats, Muzzle, Email Addict and Hide Unread Counts.

How to access this feature?
For this one need to log in the Gmail account and the locate the settings tab on top right corner of the inbox click it and you will be directed to a window as shown below in the picture

once you are on this page you can enable or disable features as per your wish, and don’t forget to save changes after you are done with the changes.

Features which I like..

I loved firstly Superstar feature- way to mark or say flag your mail in the account with different sign unlike the previous where one was only able to mark a mail with just one yellow star, now with availability of different signs this problem of similarity can be avoided easily. The below given picture shows these stars..

second feature which attracted me is inserting pic of your chat partner when you chat within Gmail itself.

Nothing great, still these small small features makes a complete mail client like Gmail.

“Take a break”- you are right..once you want to go in invisible mode from your Gmail client just hit this tab and your screen will freeze for few minutes ( in my it was 14 minutes, not tried the time setting). This feature is available in form of Email Addict, just enable it and keep taking break as per your wish.

Google keeps coming up with something or other to keep the user hooked with their applications. I really admire Google for its sheer power to keep innovating something or the other.
The best part is that if you have something to offer even you can join the bandwagon and create some feature making life of the users more beautiful :).

Nothing much, felt like sharing this another Google act with blog world… would love to know that what features you liked….happy experimenting..