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The great Indian shopping fest.

It seems like yesterday only when people from middle class use to flock the local stores for fulfilling their shopping desire. Your local kirana wala bhaiya was the one who was the numero uno and would quote any price for the stuff you were willing to purchase.
some ABC garment shop use to be the one supplying all the quota of ones family clothes. I still remember how my dad use to take me to local garment shop and I would stand against that old rickety counter with two or three helper in shop, standing on the opposite side of the counter and staring at you as if one has committed sin by coming to their shop (quite ironical). Name of the shop was Sanjay garment shop, that time I use to study in class Lkg I guess, and supposedly it was our family garment shop just like you have family doctor ;). On his shop I always use to wonder that why the heck in this world only baba suit is manufactured?? because everytime I use to visit his shop and even before my dad use to complete the sentence that ” Bhaiya ladke ke liye kuch kapde dikha do.. (please show some clothes for the kid) “…. and he would hurl boxes of baba suits at me of different color like a talibani is eager to kill an American soldier.

Time passed on and today when I look back I can just see those hazy faces in my mind, where they have disappeared in this hurricane of mall culture? how they are surviving? are they still in business..(not just for my local garment shop but for all local retailers)?..these questions keep coming to my mind every time I enter a glittering shopping mall, where I feel as if today is the last day of mankind with people shopping in frenzy and grabbing as much as possible without bothering about their budget. Infact why the heck they should bother after all they have godfather in form credit cards and other forms of plastic money.

The never ending sale, the always on ‘Huge offers’, the big discounts (which only burns holes in pocket of a customer) are the buzz words these days. Day before yesterday only one of my friend purchased two T-shirts of Adidas with each costing him 800 bucks and then yesterday when we visited another mall we were getting same T-shirts in a scheme buy one get one free where  in 800 he would be getting both the T-shirts… flat loss of 800 bucks for my dear friend. I just want to say that there is so much of margin of profit in market, and above that there is so much of purchasing power in the great Indian middle class today. I wonder why few people are so satisfied once they are over with shopping? especially the fairer sex. I don’t want to indulge in the Freud analysis of this issue but frankly speaking I simply abhor unnecessary shopping( who cares..).

Anyways..this is how things are working today, customer is king and citizens of its kingdom (read different brands ) are ready to offer him any kind of offer the king can imagine.

may be people will differ with my opinion (and they will surely differ), but just felt like sharing my feeling, sharing my moments of nostalgia.

Happy shopping 🙂