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Day before yesterday I saw this news of Guwahati debacle, where some 20 odd people (sorry they are not actually humans) outraged modesty of a girl shamelessly on streets.

The whole incident sent a chill down my spine, and forced me to think that where we as a human being are heading for? Or for that matter are Indian men so much sexually starved that this need is now converted in the only need they have in their life?

Psyche of such people who get involved in such acts is something which one should observe. I just wonder that why we have established a female as an object of lust? or for that matter why is it so difficult to respect a fairer sex?

Our value system, moral and ethics do teaches us since our child hood that one should respect elders, one should respect his mother, but no where it teaches that when you grow up, you need to respect other females as well. No one teaches a kid that once he grows up he needs to understand that morality is just not about giving respect to his mother and sister, it stretches beyond that.

Some how I believe that majority of Indian males are somehow loosing this race to basic sense of morality.

Rape, molestation, sexual assault, if these words are so dominant in your daily dose of news then it’s pretty easy to interpret that where we are heading for north or south?

At times I wonder, we have heard a lot about this issue, but do we really have a solution? If yes then what? Biggest issue I feel is that these incident are thrown in your face on day one and eventually it fades out of public memory getting replaced by some other incident. Morality and ethics is something which can be taught only with iron will, when one is clear that who all are the accused, then authorities should simply crack whip on such people like anything, go for them, punish them so hard that next time people like them think twice before they commit such things against a female

Somewhere down the line few examples need to be set if we really want to get things done. But equally important is to change the core of our thought process related to a female. Female is not equivalent to words like sex or lust, there is much more beyond that, they are your friends, your well wishers, even if not that, they are some one else s daughter and sister.

Some how being a guy I feel ashamed every time such things happens with a girl, I wish India or for that matter whole world becomes a safer place for the fairer sex. Amen!


Let the Game Begin

If by any chance you are in New Delhi, then you must have realized the importance of this post title. Luckily or unluckily I shifted from Pune to New Delhi during the time when preparation for Common Wealth Game 2010 was picking steam.

So after being part of the preparation chaos and madness, things finally seem to be settling down for organizers. Since last 6-7 months I have realized that at times how much negative we are as a citizen and planners. Day in and day out media had been painting the town red with negative remarks about CWG 2010.

By the time my post gets published it would be hardly 96 hours left when the game gets a kick start. This whole messy affair underlines few facts

  1. We the people of biggest democracy are the poorest planners. NO? From a normal student to a bureaucrat all are nice examples, no matter whether it’s a last minute rush for any exam or for an event like CWG. We just love to procrastinate.
  2. Indian politics and red tapism ensures that, anyone who is in power want to stuff as much money as possible and if something is left then it is used for the allotted activity.
  3. We Indians on name of nationalism can forget anything. We actually are billion plus bunch of emotional fools, who at one point can be as aggravated as any one and if properly fooled we  forget everything and can move on easily with our life’s.

Well..What more to say…Even this post is full of negativity, but can’t help.

I have realized that no matter how much corrupt our system is, no matter how poor we are in terms of organization or planning we can still pull out things. Although the end result may not be the perfect one but still we do land up safely crashing here and there just like “Launch pad” of “duck tales” remember?

After so much of brouhaha I sincerely feel that  game  should take the centre stage and not criticism and politics. With so much of tax payer’s money involved, let’s make them feel a bit happy about this event. Let the game begin.

All the best 🙂