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The Mean machine

“Hello…Hello.. Hi..this is Rahul speaking..I saw your ad regarding your selling of bike..I am interested in it..yes..I am talking about TVS Apache..yeah 2005 model..what’s your expectation?”
after few seconds of pause..”forty thousands”…

This was the typical telephonic talk I used to have before 10th July..dialing day in and day out looking for some decent second hand bike for my day to day commuting..but then as they say..’Man proposes and God disposes”…same thing was destined to me as well..on 10th July I booked my mean machine. I wonder that you have some plans..and what happens is just opposite, before booking the bike I did almost a month of R&D on bikes and their performance, and finally I went for something which was totally new to the market..and without any reviews and preset notions. May be this is what people say..’going by your heart’..Ready to take a spin

Ok..coming to the point..this post is suppose to be review of my bike after I have done 2000KM on it. Yes, since 12th August I have wrapped up 2k Kms on this black beast. But, what is this bike I am talking about, oh yes it’s the new kid on the block (not kid seriously) ;)…its Fazer, the new bike launched by Yamaha on 7th July 2009. Ok for formality let me put down the technical specs of the bike, before I move on to my experience with the bike.

Engine type Air-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 2-valve
Displacement 153.0cm3
Maximum power 14PS / 7500 rpm
Maximum torque 14 Nm / 6000 rpm
Starting system Electric start
Fuel tank capacity 12 litres
Transmission type Return type 5-speed
Brake type(front/rear) Hydraulic single disc / drum
Headlight 12V35W/35W+35W
Overall Length × Width × Height 1,975mm × 770mm × 1,045mm
Seat height 790mm
Wheelbase 1,335mm
Minimum ground clearance 160mm
Dry weight/Kerb weight 130 kg / 141 kg

This bike is basically a more of cosmetic change in the already existing  fz-16 series of Yamaha. Fazer comes with a fairing which the company claims to be wind-tunnel tested to prevent the highway rider from the blast of wind and make the journey a bit more comfortable.

Fazer is being touted as a touring bike, which in my opinion is open to debate. Reason being with 150 cc engine this bike is more suitable for weekend gateways rather than going for a cross-country one. But after riding this bike I believe that what Yamaha people meant by saying it as a touring bike was because of it’s comfortable sitting posture and the overall feel of the bike which makes it perfect for a long drive.

Yes Yamaha!

Performance of the bike
Well! to be frank I am almost satisfied with the bike. since I have got the bike I toured Lonavala and Sinhgarh. People from Maharashtra must be knowing what actually going to these places means, and the scary part was that I visited both these place within the first 1000 km of the bike that too on a back to back touring spree.
I  must say that bike is rock solid in terms of stability and its make is top notch. unlike other bikes where as you approach above 70 and 80s you start feeling a kind of vibration all around your bike as if the bike is shouting to come down to a normal acceleration. But with Fazer I felt the exact opposite, the more I opened the throttle the more confident the bike grew and the more stable it was at high speeds like 90 and 100. No vibrations nothing.
The bike comes with twin headlight giving it a insect like look. But with one light at low and other at high beam setting is something I am still unable to understand. People say that this is the way how light works in SBKs (superbikes) as well, but honestly saying I didn’t like this arrangement at all and went for the hack of the lights in such way that both light gets on in both ways i.e. low as well as high and yes that too without any added load on the battery.

The dark knight

Yamaha seems to be one company which has hardly any issues when it comes to performance of engine and the technology they use for the chamber. Same is the case with Fazer as well, their seems to be no pain point as of now from engine area, it sounds good and their is no problem of overheating involved in it contrary to many machines in market suffering from this issue.
Now coming to facts like top-speed and all. Guys to be frank top-speed is one issue which we Indians always love to discuss about but that becomes more of discussion. With Fazer I have reached till 110 km/h on a flat highway road. I think that I can go beyond 110 mark, but if that will be possible then it will be very short lived moment, racing bike till 110 sometimes seems to be a bit difficult as that is one point when it seems like the bike needs more power. BUT. I am happy with it. Reason? Firstly, I am not a speed freak who wan’t speed like 140-150 kmh or a title of Fastest Indian ;). Secondly, do you really think that reaching above 100kmh is a normal day to day thing for us? do you remember that everytime we rev our machines above 100 something..it always becomes a point to discuss..like..”Yaar aaj to kamal ho gaya maine bike 100 ke upar le gaya”..the only reason behind that is lack of kind of roads which we need for such high speed bikes, that’s why I am happy with 110 of my bike and never complain about its top-end.

The Tourer?
Mileage…now that’s the point everyone loves to discuss about. ummm… initially I was extracting 43-45km/l but after first service it seems like taken a southward direction resting at 35 km/l but then I have no complaints with this facet of my bike. As FZ-16 series is not known for mileage and all, they are pure look-at-me kind of bike with a 150cc heart in place. the bike sports the widest rear tubeless tyre in place which looks awesome, and takes the bike notch up in terms of look.

Look factor. How can this review be complete without discussing the look factor this bike executes. Well I may be a bit boasting about this fact, but then I don’t care to say that Fazer is one of the most best looking bike currently on Indian roads, and my claim gets support from the fact that every time I pull out my bike people take a look of it, at signals people are more interested in the bike averages and price rather than looking at the green light :). I am enjoying the adulation.The grippy rear

Overall I must say, that going with this bike gives me a sense of pride, as it brings that level of differentiation I get from the other machines plying on the road (no matter even for few months only).

Plus Points of Fazer

  • Massive look appeal, you just can’t get un-noticed on the road that’s for  sure.
  • superb low-end torque giving the bike amazing stability.
  • Highly refined engine. for this you need to take a test-ride, but Yamaha  owners will second me on this point that Yahama is always known for their  engine performance.
  • Its braking systems is spot on. An emergency braking dosen’t mean locking of brake or skidding. Braking system gets complimented by the widest rear tyre which instills a feeling of confidence in you with its grip on road even in rainy season.

these are the basic high points of this bike.

Minus Points of Fazer

  • This machine would have been a rage if Yamaha would have come up with something like 180 cc kind of engine in it if not 220. Once you reach 100 then you seriously feel that bike is running out of juice.
  • Its head light when hacked seems to get illuminated less bright as compared bikes like R15.
  • Pickup is not that great. All those looking for zipping fast pickup this bike will disappoint you.
  • Rainy season or for that matter riding through water or the wet muddy terrain will make sure that your shoes and lower part of trousers or jeans gets soiled up. Not only that, the pillion will also feel the same pain because the bike has no covering and throws a lot of mud and water.
  • The seat of the bike is suitable only for one person. Pillion with healthy assets will definitely face problem in adjusting themselves. This is one major sore point of this bike, given the fact that Fazer is being promoted as touring bike.

Overall the bike is decent enough priced at Rs 72856/- (ex-showroom price) sounds a bit costly but still I feel satisfied with the bike. would rate it 3.85 /5.

Without mirrors



Internship over..:(

Today is my last day at PTC and working here I got numerous lessons of my life..and at this time of farewell..will like to remember the song…Main jaha bhi rahoo….

Kisi Se Kahoon
Ke Nahi Kahoon
Yeh Jo Dil Ki Baat Hai
Kehne Ko Saath Apane Ek Duniya Chalti Hai
Per Chhupke Is Dil Mein Tanhaayi Palti Hai
Bas Yaad Saath Hai
Teri Yaad Saaath Hai – 3
Main Jahaan Rahoon
Main Kahin Bhi Hoon
Teri Yaad Saaath Hai

Kahin To Dil Mein Yaadon Ki
Ek Suli Gad Jaati Hai
Kahin Har Ek Tasveer Bhahut Hi Dhondhali Pad Jati Hai
Koi Nayi Duniya Ke Naye Rango Mein Khush Rehta Hai
Koi Sab Kuch Paake Bhi Yeh Mann Hi Mann Kehta Hai
Kehne Ko Saath Apane Ek Duniya Chalti Hai
Per Chhupke Is Dil Mein Tanhaayi Palti Hai
Bas Yaad Saath Hai
Teri Yaad Saaath Hai – 3

Kahin To Beete Kal Ki Jadein
Dil Mein Hi Utar Jaati Hai
Kahin Jo Dhage Tute To Malaayen Bhikar Jaati
Koi Dil Mein Jagah Nayi, Baaton Ke Liye Rakhta Hai
Koi Apni Palko Par Yaadon Ke Diye Rakhta Hai
Kehne Ko Saath Apane Ek Duniya Chalti Hai
Per Chhupke Is Dil Mein Tanhaayi Palti Hai
Bas Yaad Saath Hai
Teri Yaad Saaath Hai – 3

will miss my Internship days….

Team Columbus strikes again….

Fresh from hooting of juniors in Aarambh, Subu’s number flashed on my cell…
Me:- “Bol”
Subu:- “Rohi aa raha hai”
Subu:-“we are going to his native place..”
Me:- “..Bye”
last sentence of Subu was more than sufficient to curb any doubt about fate of my weekend..since time (me, Subu and Rohi) we became roomies it was always a dream to visit Rohi’s village, may be because he has told us so many time about the place, that I already had big castle of imagination built up in my mind.

It was Saturday night when we left for the place known as Koyandai, altough this place is just 40 or max 50 km from Pune but because of its loaction and route of travelling it takes a good amount of time to reach (almost 1.5 hrs). Our mode of travelling this time was Rohi’s Indigo (its our official carrier now..;) ).

uptil now I visited places like Mahabaleshwar, Panchgani, Murud Janjira, Shirdi the common fact binding these spots was that they are tourist hotspot in Maharashtra, so I always felt like going to a place almost untouched by population and away from tourist culture. Expectaions were high…

we started off at 7:30pm in evening, with me taking the backseat next to window fell asleep even before we crossed the city limits, evening traffic made sure that we were late to our destination by almost 45 minutes. After some time we reached Raj Guru nagar a place which is the only big town before we reached Koyandai as the name suggest, Raj guru Nagar is famous for the fact that its the place from where famous Rajguru (Indian Independence struggle martyr ) hailed from.

Leaving past the civilization and madness of population we took turn from Rajguru nagar.
Rupesh:- ” Abey hum safari pe ja rahe hai kya??”
Rupesh:-” Yaha sher aata hai kya?”
Rupesh:-“Yaha saap aata hai kya?”
and Rupesh continued with his never ending bombarding of silly and funny questions, every body in car was given ample opportunity to get the feeling of HOT SEAT (victim of leg pulling).

with friendly abuses ringing in our ears we reached a place from where two roads divided, in pitch black night it was difficult for Rohi to figure out the right turn suddenly we saw somebody sitting on the road side a bit illuminated in car’s headlight…and guess what he was doing??…hehehe..itni rat mein village roadside mein koi baith ke kya karega…

Rohi:- “Subu yar us se pooch na ki koyandai ke liye kidhar se jane ka??”
Subu:- “Pagal hai kya tu dekh raha na what he is doing (he was answering nature’s serious call;) )”
Rohi:- “Abey yarr pooch na..yaha koi nahi aur kis se poochenge??”
Subu:-“nahi yarr..” (by now two three friendly abuses already banged subu..but he was firm on his decision on not disturbing this peaceful soul sitting on the roadside..

finally I asked him..and he answered with so much joy..as if I have informed him of winning a lottery(but his moment was almost equivalent to that only)…this regained my faith in old saying that if you want to feel the real hopitality you need to visit a village ;)…

we reached Koyandai late in night by 11 pm with no cell network (except Rupesh’s TATA which he was boasting again and again as if Ratan got suggestion of launching TATA indicom from him only..) it was perfect setting for an adventure away from city rush. with no electricity and road lights..we first time felt the importance of NOKIA 1100 which our only source of light to guide us towards the place where we were suppose to stay.

withing no time after reaching we changed and sat on the mats on the hard mud floor (trust me that feeling was amazing). Now it was dinner time, menu included Gavran chicken (Desi chicken diffrent from the normal broiler chicken we get in city), Bajre ki roti, fried fish and onions (the rural taste can’t be felt it can only experience, can you imagine while writing this menu I am feeling equally hungry;)).

we retired to bed (mats spread on floor with blanket as our pillow), it was mad rush again for Rupesh as he is in habit of sleeping with his legs on somebody or else (or say his roomie Samuel;)).Sleep  which we had was so peaceful broke once folks were tickling me.
now the judgment time..where to go for the early morning routine??? and pat came the reply “upar pahad hai na wahi jane ka hai..we will get two dubbas”..for me doing early morning chores in open was not a new thing as I also hail from rural background, but people like Subu and other it was something like a kid wathcing an UFO in morning…anyways..we somehow got over with this crucial phase of our life..:)

By 10 am we started off for the trek (or say base of the hill from where we suppose to start our trek) almost 1km of distance was covered by car which we left near small hut before we kicked of the trekking. It seemed to me as if even rain god was welcoming us with showers lashing us while we started our climb. I never felt so close to nature with lush green vegitation and everyone felt as if somebody pressed the reboot button of their mind with so much of freshness around the mountains and valleys were reminding constantly of the epic movie Lord of the rings and the scenic locales were it was shot, I felt as if we are going in search of some ring…

we were suppose to reach a temple of  lord Shiva known as kundeswar located on the hill top.
Passing by stream of water, wide spread green grass, narrow uneven paths and the cool breeze hitting the face…everything was so pure…

On our way to top, we caught one crab, we took break near one small cascade of water and had a round of ThumsUp’ing and then started of again..and reached on top with heavy breathes..and soon after darshan of lord Shiva we started off for downhill. We stopped again in mid way to have our locally packed journey snacks and few rounds of aereated drinks…

within half an hour we were back in our car….and then in lunch we had crab which was one of the major USP of this trip…and then after spending some good time in village we left for Pune.

Once again it was one memorable trip with my roomies ofcourse including Rupesh and Sharif (the new member of our Columbus team…

Trip to Kashid beach..

It was on 5th June 2008..that we decided to go for the weekend off…but the million dollar

question was ? where we should go?…

well we decided for two things
1)- Trekking (one day trip with girls included).
2)- Beach exploration.

total 14 people were brimming with excitement for the trip (as usual in beginning there are loads of them to follow..)..but by end of the meeting there were only 7 of us left (only boys) for the trip…and place which found its position on our radar was Kashid beach.

The Beach front..
The team (which later turned on to be the team of so called war fighting soldiers, because of trip’s straining quality ) was..
Ashutosh, Shrinidhi, VIshal, Subu, Sharif, Prashant, and of course me :)..

About Kashid

Kashid is a beach town on the shores of Arabian Sea, in the North Konkan region of Maharashtra, India. It is located 30km from Alibag and 135km from Mumbai on the Alibag-Murud road.
Kashid is popular mainly because of its white sand, blue seas, green mountains, paddy fields, and rivulets. Kashid has a 3 km stretch of beach tucked in between two rocky hillocks with Casuarina groves all around the seashore. This is by far the best beach in this part of the Konkan region and though absolutely deserted on weekdays, the town can attract its fair share of week-end holiday makers. There are a few of small hotels in Kashid as the rest of the area is privately owned.

The waves here are unusually high and can be paradise for surfing. The waves can reach a height 5-6 feet even during the non-monsoon months. However it is dangerously high during the monsoons and surfing is not recommending during the months of June to September.

we hired a Travera for our trip..@ Rs 4500/- for complete trip

All set for the adventure..

another important question-ways to reach this scintillating place. To reach Kashid one can opt among the two choices

  • 170 km from Pune (via Mulshi)
  • Around 170-180 Km from Pune (via Khopoli – Mumbai Pune Expressway)

The Mulshi route does not have the best of roads. If you go via Khopoli, the distance is more or less the same and you get to use the expressway for better part of the journey. The route goes like: Pune -> Express way to Mumbai (ask them for Khopoli exit, as you will pay lesser toll money) -> Keep cruising along the expressway till the Ghats -> In the Ghats, locate the Khopoli exit (it comes after the second tunnel) -> Reach Khopoli and from there take the road to Pen (may be marked as Alibaug as well) -> Once in Pen, pass through the town to reach Mumbai – Goa highway -> Keep moving towards Alibaug -> around 1-2 km before Alibaug, take a left on the highway, to a road for Murud or Revdanda -> From there, keep following the road towards Murud at every intersection -> Around 35-37 km after Alibau (approx 20 km before Murud) you will reach Kaashid…

we started off from Pune at around 6:30 PM and reached Kashid (via Mulshi) by 2 A.M (altough the time was bit too much but we also halted for our adrak(ginger) tea at the road side dhaba, then we had a dinner in which we had only arguments apart from dinner and wasted almost 1 hour to decide whether we should take our dinner at that place or not..and finally moved from that place without having dinner in a hope that once we reach Kashid we will have a delicious dinner waiting for us…).
Never mindwe reached our destination by 2 in the morning with heavy rain welcoming us..and our dream of dinner went for a toss when our cottage owner announced proudly that at this time of night he wont be able to arrange any thing for us..rat within our stomachs turned into big dinosaurs..at same time ‘praising’ our trip manager Mr Subu.

I never felt so helpless for food as I felt that day..we literally said that “Bhaiya kuch bhi khane ko de do..” (please arrange any damm thing to eat..) finally our cottage owner proved to be an angel as he said that “ok I can arrange for few packates of biscuits and few boiled eggs..” late we got something to move our jaws..and went to our beds by early morning..

In the backyard of our cottage..

finally we woke up in the morning ‘alive’ (because everyone so dead tired due to journey that people who were looking Columbus at the start of journey suddenly started feeling like a prisoner war..but still we went at the beach by 9 in the morning and had loads of fun..weather being cloudy, we enjoyed more..but one thing which i felt that one should never explore beach during rainy seasons..the sand was almost black making the water even look more dirtier..still we enjoyed to the core

after beach exploration we went back to our cottage to pack our bags..altough it may sound as if our trip was small but beaches at Kashid and Murud Janjira are really beautiful..and best part is that these beaches attracts less crowd (beacuse its located in a remote part ) that’s why you can find this place quite peaceful..unlike our return trip this time around we chose the express-way route..and trust me it turned out to be real icing on the cake, we felt that our return journey was the best part of our whole trip, as we were able to view some best part of our countryside and the beautiful view of Khandala-Lonavala (on Mumbai-Pune express way)

at the end of the trip we felt that indeed it was quite a good trip to go for..although the route we chose for our first time journey proved to be a bit energy soaking…but that what compensated by the later part of the exploration..

I will always remember this tour of mine because of few really nice friend I made (read Ashutosh, Shirnidhi, Prashant and Vishal)…and will hope that very soon I will be back to these virgin beaches..

Just lyk dat :)

So …finally i am in Pune..pursuing my dream….life is not so hectic these days..as anticipated…but i can sense that very soon i will be getting into the groove and living a life of a typical B-School student..right now every thing is going on else studies….i mean

some students are preparing for the cultural fest known as AARAMBH,some are involved in negotiating Laptop deal…and lastly some like me are just watching like a silent observer..observing the proceedings..and taking my own time to settle down..

also enjoying hsotel life for first time…room no.1037…symbiosis hall of residence…sounds pretty cool..lets see how things turn up in near future…

hope i can update my blog regulalry..because this is what one of my hidden desire…to Write…which i an not able to do regulalry…

nothing much right now…