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It’s all happening..

“hawww…seniors walked out from the paper?????”…that was our reaction when we were in first sem of MBA and heard this incident from peers…and today we the seniors of SCIT..who are on verge of becoming managers..by April first week…fell in the same situation..a plain and simple walkout from the paper…actually..paper to be given was of domain studies of manufacturing…but because of hectic last week we weren’t prepared for the paper..still we went for the paper..Wondering that in case if it turns out to be a MCQ..atleast we will have some chance…but..destiny had some other plans..initially first ten minutes..we were looking at each other faces..that what the heck is this..and on the top of it invigilator was thinking that we are trying to cheat..abey yarr cheat kise karna hai..pehle bakiyo ko bhi to kuch aanachaiye..;)..I thought of peeping into Samuel’s answer sheet…but even my glasses couldn’t help me..as I felt as if I am trying to peep into a sheet which is being written in some ancient script..never mind..I consoled my self..flipped paper on both side..as if there is some provision of answers being printed on blank side of question paper for “INTELLIGENT” student like me..saw here and there..and felt as if god has done some injustice with me while he was allotting my quota of  brain..(but later I found every one was thinking the same with no clue what to write on the answer sheet…)..finally…I felt that its better to go out and have a cup of tea, rather than sitting like an idiot and staring in this  paper which has been directly sent  from Mars..as I stood everyone also followed me..as if it was the catalytic moment..aur mein bin bat ke neta bangaya..hehehe…I never realized that other people were feeling the same pain which that bright looking paper has inflicted on all of us…and I gave them the catalytic moment to act upon…and then I realized that finally Systems 2007-2009 was also in the walkout hall of fame..not a great thing to boast about but one good test we passed was of test of unity..barring few..I guess I realized first time we do have element of unity in our class…..don’t know what will happen next….god bless us all..long live Systems 07-09


What a way to end 2008..

Systems Gang of boys..With tension running high since September this year…everyone of our Systems batch was planning something or the other for year end..Frankly speaking..I really find this question very stupid  that “What are you doing on 31st December??” are yarr..31st kya ho gaya as if Indian government has made some mandatory clause in Indian Penal code that if you will not celebrate 31st December in full faith of Indian constitution then you will be booked under IPC 777 for one year rigorous imprisonment..But the biggest irony is that I am one of those who hate is question ans still end up asking every one the same question.
Mulshi Dam Area

Never mind..being last year of formal education (bhaiya bakiyo ka to pata nahi mujhe aub aur nahi padhna)..we were all eager to plan for some trip sort of to wrap this roller coaster year..although we all are already suffering from disease called as Recessionrama but still all the guys of D-hostel wanted to go out and have some fun to unwind from already stressed phase which is currently going on…

“Abey kaha chalna hai??”, “31st ko kya karna hai??” quotes like this were ringing in the air since the 31st morning..and as usual we were not sure till last point that who all will go and where we will go- but jana subko hai ;)…that is actually true Systems spirit. Finally we decided to hit coastal area of  Konkan. Places on radar were Harihareshwar, Shreevardhan (Subu felt as if we are going on some pilgrimage because of the name of the places). Although we decided to leave early but YESAP was having some different plan..so we were only ready to leave the place by 3 pm..we booked a seventeen seater mini bus and were having 18 on board..so problems were plenty..but that is what journey is all about..with Rupesh busy with his last minute negotiation with his better half 😉 we were late by 30 minutes…People were already ready with set of  Lets play guys...on the beach“Some GOOD movies” dvd to watch in the bus..as it was a video coach..every one was bubbling with excitement about watching those “GOOD movies” in the bus..but it suddenly fizzled out as there was no sign of TV screen in the bus…

“Bhaiya TV kaha hai????” (in tension)
“Yaar yeh to VDO coach tha”
“Are yarr isme to TV hi nahi hai”…with such voices coming up..driver calmly flipped out a small palm top like panel out of the bus celeing and proudly announced..”Yeh lo bhaiya..yeh hai na TV”..we were floored..”Aur ha..isme DVD nahi chalta hai…” these two sentences were enough to puncture the complete enthu of the guys…never mind..our journey started off at 3:30 pm within few minutes people stopped for subsidizing there carving for a “GOOD drink”…which they bought and had within bus…while on our way to beaches we also saw Mulshi dam area..which was quite soothing..one of  the best part of the bus was that it was having a music system which was having Automix facility..just kidding..actually the road was so bumpy that a soulful melody was suddenly turned to cacophonous dance number waking up every one..this kept happening till the end..any ways..we reached shreevardhan without any prior booking of lodging..but still managed to find a 3 room cottage which was decent enough for 18 of us to survive.

31st Nite..everyone is high..

Then 31st night saw the usual activities..with few of us going out to get some food and drinks and rest decided to stay back and have fun (bole to photo photo and sirf photo..session) initially I was the playing my part of DJ with full honesty but left it as the food arrived..rest of the night was spent in getting high and having fun which can’t be described in this post (rated A..;) )..next day witnessed people visiting the beach and having some fun in the morning..then we moved on to visit a beach named Dive aagar…we were there till 6:30 PM in the evening and saw a beautiful sunset out there.
We boarded on the bus and then another round of fun started with all of us conceptualizing the Bhojpuri verion of Prison break..it was damm funny..with characters like Babban Misra, Sukde pandey and Mari cruzwa we almost Trip over..

created a pilot episode of the whole series with a special role for our friend for Satya..it was amazing…trust me it was one of the most amazing trip once again..and  a very special one too..but yarr ek bat nahi samjah mein aayi “Road ke side mein hum logo mein se kaun baitha tha???”…hahahaha….long live systems…and Happy new year to all…